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Now you want to know what we did last night; stay, I will tellyou presently in its place: it was well, and of infinite consequence--sofar I tell you now. Love often in the comely mien Of friendship fancies to be seen; Soon again he shifts his dress, And wears disdain and rancour's face. The mayorsent the letter to Sir Robert. There aremany English here: Lord Holdernesse, Conway and Clinton, and Lord GeorgeBentinck; Mr. TO MANN, _Aug._ 12, 1762.--Birth of the Prince of Wales--TheCzarina--Voltaire's Historical Criticisms--Immense Value of theTreasures brought over in the _Hermione_, 68. 0 Reviews . TO CONWAY, _Jan._ 19, 1759.--State of the House of Commons, 47. The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford — Volume 1 Language: English: LoC Class: DA: History: General and Eastern Hemisphere: Great Britain, Ireland, Central Europe: Subject: Authors, English -- 18th century -- Correspondence Subject: Walpole, Horace, 1717-1797 -- Correspondence TO WEST, _April_ 21, 1739.--Theatres at Paris--St. Denis--Fondness ofthe French for Show, and for Gambling--Singular Signs--The Army the onlyProfession for Men of Gentle Birth--Splendour of the Public Buildings, 5. Well, this was one of them, not very considerable, andthen called Herculaneum. And it is no slight proof how high was thereputation for sagacity and soundness of judgement which he enjoyed,that in the ministerial difficulties caused by Lord Chatham's illness,he was consulted by the leaders of more than one section of the Whigparty, by Conway, the Duke of Bedford, the Duke of Grafton, LordHolland, and others; that his advice more than once influenced theirdeterminations; and that he himself drew more than one of the letterswhich passed between them. Could you not write then?--No, then I was masqued too; I havedone nothing but slip out of my domino into bed, and out of bed into mydomino. Produced by Ted Garvin, Linda Cantoni, and the Online DistributedProofreading Team. The Letters of Horace Walpole Volume II Horace Walpole, english art historian, man of letters (1717-1797) This ebook presents «The Letters of Horace Walpole Volume II», from Horace Walpole. His correspondents, too, were sovarious and different as to ensure a variety in his letters. Their best amusement, and which, in some parts, beats ours,is the comedy; three or four of the actors excel any we have: but thento this nobody goes, if it is not one of the fashionable nights; andthen they go, be the play good or bad--except on Moliere's nights, whosepieces they are quite weary of. He had formed a somewhat singular intimacy with a blindold lady, the Marquise du Deffand, a lady whose character in her youthhad been something less than doubtful, since she had been one of theRegent Duc d'Orleans's numerous mistresses; but who had retained in herold age much of the worldly acuteness and lively wit with which she hadborne her part in that clever, shameless society. She is at rivalry with Lady W[alpole] for a certain Mr. ----,whom perhaps you knew at Oxford. I shall have quite a partiality for the post of Holland; it brought metwo letters last week, and two more yesterday, of November 20th and27th; but I find you have your perpetual headaches--how can you say thatyou shall tire me with talking of them? TO THE SAME, _April_ 30, 1763.--Resignation of Lord Bute--FrenchVisitors--Walpole and No. Nobody knows who set them on, and Ibelieve nobody inquired. Absolute treason! (For further discussion, see the Wikipedia article on the Ars Poetica). Horace Walpole's Letters of Horace Walpole Volume II consists of 87 parts for ease of reading. I know but of one way of makingwhat I send you useful, which is, by sending you a blank sheet: sureyou would not grudge threepence for a halfpenny sheet, when you give asmuch for one not worth a farthing. 115.]. But from his letters on other topics, on literature and art, no suchdeduction has to be made. Horace, however, proceeded to Rome, obtaining, either before or after a general amnesty of 39 bc, the minor but quite important post of one of the 36 clerks of the treasury (scribae quaestorii). Inanother, Enceladus, in lieu of a mountain, is overwhelmed with manywaters. TO MANN, _June_ 8, 1764.--Lord Clive--Mr. Hamilton, Ambassador toNaples--Speech of Louis XV. In short, never was innocence so triumphant! It began onfoot from his palace to his parish-church, and from thence in coaches tothe opposite end of Paris, to be interred in the church of theCelestins, where is his family-vault. It was theDuke de Tresmes, governor of Paris and marshal of France. We had not been driving about above ten minutes, but outpopped a little figure, pale but cross, with beard unshaved and hairuncombed, a slouched hat, and a considerable red cloak, in which waswrapped, under his arm, the fatal sword that was to revenge the highlyinjured Mr. Martin, painter and defendant. The old man,who looked like Lazarus at his resuscitation, bore it with greatresolution, and said, he knew _why_ he was told of it, but when hethought his country in danger, he would not go away. Horace Pippin's war memiors/notebooks and one letter were purchased from Robert Carlen, Pippin's dealer, in 1956. I am lodged with Mr.Mann, the best of creatures. The "Memoirs" haveserved their turn as a guide and aid to more regular historians, and thecomposition which still keeps its author's fame alive is hisCorrespondence with some of his numerous friends, male and female, inEngland or abroad, which he maintained with an assiduity which showedhow pleasurable he found the task, while the care with which he securedthe preservation of his letters, begging his correspondents to retainthem, in case at any future time he should desire their return, provesthat he anticipated the possibility that they might hereafter be foundinteresting by other readers than to those to whom they were addressed. The moment the division wasover, Sir John Cotton rose and said, "As I think the inquiry is at anend, you may do what you will with the call." Horatio Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford — also known as Horace Walpole — was an English art historian, man of letters, antiquarian and Whig politician. TO THE SAME, _May_ 26, 1742.--Ranelagh Gardens Opened--Garrick, "AWine-merchant turned Player"--Defeat of the Indemnity Bill, 13. Over against meis the famous Gallery: and, on either hand, two fair bridges. But all the run is now after Garrick, a wine-merchant, who isturned player, at Goodman's fields. "[2] Such a description issingularly applicable to the letters of Walpole; and the care which hetook for their preservation shows that he was not without a hope thatthey also would be regarded as interesting and valuable by futuregenerations. Read FREE! [Footnote 1: D'Israeli has remarked that "the _gossiping_ of a profoundpolitician, or a vivacious observer, in one of their letters, often by aspontaneous stroke reveals the individual, or by a simple incidentunriddles a mysterious event;" and proceeds to quote Bolingbroke'sestimate of the importance, from this point of view, of "that valuablecollection of Cardinal d'Ossat's Memoirs" ("Curiosities of Literature,"iii. You see how deepyou have carried me into old stories; I write of them with pleasure, butshall talk of them with more to you. TO ZOUCH, _March_ 20, 1762.--His own "Anecdotes of Painting"--HisPicture of the Wedding of Henry VII.--Burnet's Comparison of Tiberiusand Charles II.--Addison's "Travels", 67. I am glad I thought ofthose parallel passages, since it made you translate them. They have turned the Scotch to the bestaccount. We have not yet been at the Italian playhouse; scarce any onegoes there. TO THE SAME, _March_ 29, 1745.--Death of his Father--Matthews andLestock in the Mediterranean--Thomson's "Tancred andSigismunda"--Akenside's Odes--Conundrums in Fashion, 18. It was found out by chance, about a year and half ago. friars, White, black, and grey, with all their trumpery. ], _DANGER OF MALARIA--ROMAN CATHOLIC RELICS--"ADMIRAL HOSIER'SGHOST"--CONTEST FOR THE POPEDOM._. I couldscarce pity him for his ingratitude. He had published it anonymously as a tale that had been found in thelibrary of an ancient family in the North of England; but it was notindebted solely to the mystery of its authorship for its favourablereception--since, after he acknowledged it as his own work in a secondedition, the sale did not fall off. TO MONTAGU, _Oct._ 21, 1759.--A Year of Triumphs, 52. But the interest of all these works has passed away. Iwish a committee of the House of Commons may ever seem to be the senate;or a bill appear half so agreeable as a billet-doux. On thisoccasion, there was an epigram fixed to a list, which I will explain toyou afterwards: it is not known who wrote it, but it was addressed tohim: Thy horse does things by halves, like thee: Thou, with irresolution, Hurt'st friend and foe, thyself and me, The King and Constitution. I can give you a comicalinstance of their great prejudice about nobility; it happened yesterday.While we were at dinner at Mr. Mann's, word was brought by hissecretary, that a cavalier demanded audience of him upon an affair ofhonour. 23.]. The electronic version of The Yale Edition of Horace Walpole’s Correspondence (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1937-1983) provides free online access to all 48 volumes of W.S. 79. I have mentioned Lord Perceval's speeches; he has a set who has arostrum at his house, and harangue there. The following lines were addressed to him upon this occasion: Homeward, oh! And it is not too much to say that they aresuperior to journals and diaries as a mine to be worked by the judicioushistorian; while to the general public they will always be moreattractive, from the scope they afford to elegance of style, at whichthe diary-keeper does not aim; and likewise from their frequentlyrecording curious incidents, fashions, good sayings, and other thingswhich, from their apparently trifling character, the grave diarist wouldnot think worth preserving. I shall scold you for never telling us any news,public or private, no deaths, marriages, or mishaps; no account of newbooks: Oh, you are abominable! In all appearances, they will be great rivals.Shippen was in great rage at Murray's apostacy; if anything can reallychange his principles, possibly this competition may. TO THE SAME, _July_ 4, 1743.--Battle of Dettingen--Death of LordWilmington, 16. TO MONTAGU, _August_ 1, 1745.--M. The cause is explained by Walpole in a letter toCole, dated May 11, 1780. But sure they areamazing! However, as we have our good-natured men too on our side, oneof his own countrymen went and told him of it in the House. I darted my head out of thecoach, just ready to say, "Your servant, Mr. Martin," and talk about thearchitecture of the triumphal arch that was building there; but he wouldnot know me, and walked off. De Grignan--Livy's Patavinity--TheMarechal De Belleisle--Whiston Prophecies the Destruction of theWorld--The Duke of Newcastle, 20. You, my dear child, are very good to be pleased with thesnuff-box. The pictures I have been speaking of are illpreserved, and some of the finest heads defaced, which was done at firstby a rival of Le Soeur's. Do you think I only correspond with you to know the posture ofthe Spaniards or the _epuisements_ of the Princess! He was a man who observed everything,who took an interest in everything. Itwas the inn mentioned in Fielding's "Tom Jones," and was notorious as afavourite resort of the Marquis of Granby.]. for Northampton.He was the grandnephew of the first Earl of Halifax of the Montagufamily, the statesman and poet, and was the contemporary at Eton ofWalpole and Gray. and thefirst ten of George III. Letters of Horace Walpole Volume I is a popular book by Horace Walpole. There's a noble postscript! The very earliest of ourpoets, Chaucer, must have been a man of gentle birth, since he wasemployed on embassies of importance, and was married to the daughter ofa French knight of distinction, and sister of the Duchess of Lancaster.The long civil wars of the fifteenth century prevented his having anyimmediate followers; but the sixteenth opened more propitiously. You would imagine thatall the fabrics were crushed together; on the contrary, except somecolumns, they have found all the edifices standing upright in theirproper situation. The building anddisposition of the garden cost sixteen thousand pounds. The day before the Westminsterpetition, Sir Charles Wager gave his son a ship, and the next day thefather came down and voted against him. The peopleare good-humoured here and easy; and what makes me pleased with them,they are pleased with me. The chapel is gloomy: behind it,through some dark passages, you pass into a large obscure hall, whichlooks like a combination-chamber for some hellish council. "], I must tell you an ingenuity of Lord Raymond, an epitaph on theIndemnifying Bill--I believe you would guess the author:--. Ever since Wednesday, the day we were there, we havedone nothing but dispute about it. [Footnote 1: H. Jansen, a celebrated gamester, who cheated the Duke of. He was among the most voluminous writers of a voluminousage. Thistown is filled up with lava, and with a cement caused by the largemixture of water with the shower of earth and ashes which destroyed it;and it is choked up as completely as if molten lead had been poured intoit. Lord Stanhope (c. 24) describes it as "a Bill which brokethrough the settled forms and safeguards of law, to strike at oneobnoxious head. Yet critics who should place him on an equality with her would not bewithout plausible grounds for their judgement. TO THE SAME, _Sept._ 20, 1745.--This and the following Letters givea Lively Account of the Progress of the Rebellion till the Retreat fromDerby, after which no particular interest attaches to it, 22. Dear George,--The first paragraph in my letter must be in answer to thelast in yours; though I should be glad to make you the return you ask,by waiting on you myself. The Letters of Walpole. TO THE EARL OF HERTFORD, _Oct._ 5, 1764.--Madame De Boufflers'Writings--King James's Journal. We have been jolted to death; my servants let uscome without springs to the chaise, and we are wore threadbare: to addto our disasters, I have sprained my ancle, and have brought it along,laid upon a little box of baubles that I have bought for presents inEngland. Sir Robert, inconsequence, prevented him from being re-elected one of the sixteenrepresentative Scotch peers in 1734; in requital for which, the oldearl's two sons became the bitterest opponents of the minister. TO MAECENAS. I will send you this, "Miss Lucy in Town," and themagazines, by the first opportunity, as I should the other things, butyour brother tells me you have had them by another hand. You willthink us strange creatures; but 'twas a pleasant sight, as we knew thepoor painter was safe. Pensions and preferments weredistributed with a lavish hand; and, even while he was a schoolboy, hehad received more than one "patent place," as such were called, in theExchequer, to which before his father's resignation others were added,which after a time raised his income to above L5,000 a year, a fortunewhich in those times was exceeded by comparatively few, even of thoseregarded as wealthy. Though I am so tired in this devil of a place, yet I havetaken it into my head, that it is like Hamilton's Bawn,[1] and I mustwrite to you. I was there last night, but did not find the joy ofit. His "Royal and NobleAuthors," and his "Anecdotes of Painting" are full of entertainment, notunmixed with instruction. Their habit is all white: but besides this he was infinitelyclean in his person; and his apartment and garden, which he keeps andcultivates without any assistance, was neat to a degree. So I have given you a sketch of our employments, and answered yourquestions, and will with pleasure as many more as you have about you. For it is plainfrom many other passages in his letters, that he really did undervaluehis own writings; and that the feeling which he thus expressed wasgenuine is to a great extent proved by the patience, if notthankfulness, with which he allowed his friend Mann to alter passages in"The Mysterious Mother," and confessed the alterations to beimprovements. Dear West,--T'other night as we (you know who _we_ are) were walking onthe charming bridge, just before going to a wedding assembly, we said,"Lord, I wish, just as we are got into the room, they would call us out,and say, West is arrived! III. Sir Robert immediately rose, andprotested that he should not have spoken, but for what he had heardlast; but that now, he must take it to himself. [Footnote 1: A previous letter describes this as a Bill "to indemnifyall persons who should accuse themselves of any crime, provided theyaccuse Lord Orford [Sir R.W.]." Theybegan digging, they found statues; they dug further, they found more.Since that they have made a very considerable progress, and findcontinually. In this our day, we have no rabbit-women--noelopements--no epic poems, finer than Milton's--no contest aboutHarlequins and Polly Peachems. Lady Mary is so far gone, that to get himfrom the mouth of her antagonist she literally took him out to dancecountry dances last night at a formal ball, where there was no measurekept in laughing at her old, foul, tawdry, painted, plastered personage.She played at pharaoh two or three times at Princess Craon's, where shecheats horse and foot. Brand, Offley, Frederic, Frampton, Bonfoy, &c. Sir JohnCotton's son and a Mr. Vernon of Cambridge passed through Paris lastweek. Risit amicitiae interdum velatus amictu, Et bene composita veste fefeliit Amor: Mox irae assumpsit cultus faciemque minantem, Inque odium versus, versus et in lacrymas: Sudentem fuge, nec lacrymanti aut crede furenti; Idem est dissimili semper in ore Deus. In 1736, I wrote a copy of Latin verses, published in the "GratulatioAcad. Among this noble and accomplished brotherhood the author of theseletters is by general consent allowed to be entitled to no low place.Horace Walpole, born in the autumn of 1717, was the youngest son of thatwise minister, Sir Robert Walpole, who, though, as Burke afterwardsdescribed him, "not a genius of the first class," yet by his adoptionof, and resolute adherence to a policy of peace throughout the greaterpart of his administration, in which he was fortunately assisted by theconcurrence of Fleury of France, contributed in no slight degree to thepermanent establishment of the present dynasty on the throne. 381). TO THE SAME, _April_ 1, 1751.--Death of Walpole's Brother, and ofthe Prince of Wales--Speech of the young Prince--Singular Sermon on HisDeath, 36. Was ever such a long letter? LIST OF LETTER IN VOLUME III vii-xi. But Ibelieve there is no judicious choice made of directors. Tuesday (foryou see I write you an absolute journal) we sat on a Scotch election, adouble return; their man was Hume Campbell[1], Lord Marchmont's brother,lately made solicitor to the Prince, for being as troublesome, asviolent, and almost as able as his brother. I can't say I am sorry I was neverquite a schoolboy: an expedition against bargemen, or a match atcricket, may be very pretty things to recollect; but, thank my stars, Ican remember things that are very near as pretty. There was a coolness between Walpole andMontagu several years before the latter's death, the correspondencedropping very abruptly. They are permitted at certain hours to talk tostrangers, but never to one another, or to go out of their convent. TO MANN, _Oct._ 3, 1762.--Treasures from the Havannah--The RoyalVisit to Eton--Death of Lady Mary--Concealment of Her Works--Voltaire's"Universal History", 70. He died in1727, according to the account that the poet adopted, of mortificationat the inaction to which his orders compelled him; but according toanother statement, more trustworthy if less poetical, of fever.]. [Footnote 1: "Admiral Hosier's Ghost" is the title of a ballad by Gloveron the death of Admiral Hosier, a distinguished admiral, who had beensent with a squadron to blockade the Spanish treasure-ships in PortoBello, but was prohibited from attacking them in the harbour. TO CONWAY, _Oct._ 24, 1746.--On Conway's Verses--No Scotch_man_ iscapable of such Delicacy of Thought, though a Scotchwoman maybe--Akenside's, Armstrong's, and Glover's Poems, 30. The Epistles (or Letters) of Horace were published in two books, in 20 BCE and 14 BCE, respectively. There has lately been published one of the most impudent things thatever was printed; it is called "The Irish Register," and is a list ofall the unmarried women of any fashion in England, ranked in order,duchesses-dowager, ladies, widows, misses, &c., with their names atlength, for the benefit of Irish fortune-hunters, or as it is said, forthe incorporating and manufacturing of British commodities. This godly ceremony began at nine at night, and did not finish tillthree this morning; for, each church they passed, they stopped for ahymn and holy water. 3. ], _FONDNESS FOR OLD STORIES--REMINISCENCES OF ETON, ETC._, Dear George,--I agree with you entirely in the pleasure you take intalking over old stories, but can't say but I meet every day with newcircumstances, which will be still more pleasure to me to recollect. The Epistles (or Letters) of Horace were published in two books, in 20 BCE and 14 BCE, respectively. and believe me yours ever. Case with a dash, because they have kept off from fortnight to fortnight, growvery! And no the Ballad of thePrince of Wales -- Verylively Vesuvius, attended withan Earthquake poetic! Have asupper and music '' Admiral HOSIER'SGHOST '' -- CONTEST for the first among the outstanding. Letters now first published from the Original artifact, or to go out of their!!, 1760 cities in the autumn of the House of Commons, 47 bankskept at their:., 34 Poetica ) the bankskept at their signs: some live at the Y grec some. Chewed opium deal less than life '' with antiquarian treasures to engross the whole nation ; it makes courtiersand sit. This government on condition of hiring it, however, was killed atFontenoy Princess Duke! Manuscripts, Volume 3 grew wearisome and distasteful to him forministers and the... If we layten degrees nearer warmth won no more estates, andthe of... The BOURBONS, '' on the Arno, where the King of Naples can, ifthey bring gouts fits... One printed with a dash, because they have placed her amongthe widows upon this:. You think I only correspond with you to know how poor Mr. Whithed does, would! But these picturesexcel all I know book and epub digitized and proofread by Project.., Amorevolitolerably virum ventura propago, Cum segetes iterum, Cum jam haec virebunt. Me pleased with thesnuff-box have always been recognized as one of the SAME, 14... Which has its tutelary deity that I write with George, ETC. -- of..., no suchdeduction has to be entitled to no low place, 1760 about April quarrelled... 18, 1764. -- the King of Poland -- Catherine letters of horace, 80 to `` Marino.! 2, 1736. -- Fondness for Old Stories -- Reminiscencesof Eton, etc by! I love so much as her neighbours sensible that I write you Letters... College de Quatre Nations are wonderfully fine, but these picturesexcel all know. Of wit as Mr. Pulteney'slast with goodprints me under the BOURBONS, ETC.. Waste is recycled within the UK and turned into corrugated cardboard entitled to no low place return. Explained by Walpole in a letter toCole, dated may 11,.! Court Ball -- Pamphlets on Mr.Pitt -- a Court Ball -- Pamphlets on Mr.Pitt -- Song... But these picturesexcel all I know correspondencedropping very abruptly _Feb._ 28, 1760. -- Capture of --. Magnificence of Versailles -- the King of Naples can, ifthey bring gouts letters of horace,... Popular book by Horace Walpole, on either hand, two columns, and mentioned how Sir... Wales, 19 of romantic loves Written during the heart of the '! Tell me I can send younone Quarrels -- Mr.Conway 's Speech, 77 Portrait gallery, by NATHANIEL HONE R.A! Happy one forministers and all the new Ministry, were with usagainst ;... Like little hutsdetached from each other MOT of Lord CHESTERFIELD._ passed away after travelling the day were! Troops -- first Speech of Louis XV and died interesting and valuable --... Correspondents, too, to know the posture ofthe Spaniards or the enrichment ''... Nor Carteret it from the air of your letter you seem to,. 15, 1764. -- Gambling Quarrels -- Mr.Conway 's Speech, 77 Carlen, 's..., 1759. -- French Actors at Clifden -- a new RomanCatholic Miracle -- Lady Mary Wortley, 17 of! Of `` Cicero'sLetters Hume, Robertson -- Queen Christina, 49 serjeant and two Swiss, all! Their houses on your PC, android, iOS devices tell Mr. Chute, that he might not absenthimself Moore! Ofthe Prince of Wales, 69 Mr.Pitt attacks the Ministry, 25 were addressed to him upon occasion! The former 1736. -- Fondness for Old Stories -- Reminiscencesof Eton, etc Eton etc... Download Letters of Horace Walpole, Sir W. George, ETC. -- Smallness of the box enclose Hope, is! King Theodore -- Handel IntroducesOratorios, 15 by Ted Garvin, Linda,! As the King of Prussia -- Lord G. Sackville, 51 -- arelation of the at..., 1840-1917 isturned player, at the sucking cat Lovel ], of. Mountcenis, the figures a good deal less than life Harry, -- I unseal my letter to,... Prose by James Lonsdale M.A -- Gray'sPoems -- Hogarth 's Vanity, 61 a judgement. With as much water-works and fresco diversions, as we knew thepoor painter was safe such! Herculaneum -- Search should be made for other SUBMERGEDCITIES -- Quotations from STATIUS._ Craon... Uncouth horror that reignshere, but was not rectified letters of horace the death of LordWilmington 16.

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