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At throttlestop setting, I only set the temperature indicator at the taskbar one, then untick BD Prochot, speedshift set to 0. In the properties tab, select “Run with highest privileges” and you’re done. 20. Developed by Unclewebb, ThrottleStop is a third-party software that’s widely used by people to monitor and resolve their CPU’s thermal throttling issues. So can help me solve why the idle temperature is 55 above. According to our test on Aug 14, 2020, this program *is* a clean download and virus-free; it should be safe to run. Ans: ThrottleStop is a tiny software application, which is designed to monitor for and correct three types of a CPU throttling. First, download and install Throttlestop, then open it. 2. Select Browse, and select the Throttlestop.exe file which you have downloaded earlier and click open and select “Open the properties dialogue for this task when I click Finish” option. TPL also by default. Throttlestop Features. Mine is working fine now with less temperature...Max it goes upto 53-54 degree FID VID 4.0X 0.7125 5.0X 0.7500 6.0X 0.8000 7.0X 0.8250 8.0X 0.8750 Intel considers any temperature below 100°C to be safe. At FIVR setting, no change apply. Throttlestop is a tool with many purposes. Originally released in 2010, the software has improved a lot over the past 7 years. Also with the 256M test I used to get 24 to 25 seconds now it's 27 to 28 seconds. Is it safe to do undervolting on the i7-6700 HQ CPU,with the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility or ThrottleStop,and which value is the best? bennyg, Aug 8, 2018 #2. Q: What is BD PROCHOT? ThrottleStop can not bypass thermal throttling that Intel builds into all of their CPUs at the factory. Also using the ThrottleStop benchmark I used to get between 6.2 and 6.3 seconds for the 64m 12 thread normal priority test now I'm getting between 6.6 and 6.7. What does speedstep and speedshift do? Keep in mind that im on a laptop (FX504) please explain both for desktop and laptop 1. Also during … Mobius 1 Notebook Nobel Laureate. Thanks, and let me know if you guys want to see picture. 19. Its very name refers to its use in overriding throttling systems in your CPU to increase performance, but we kind of do the opposite here. HP went one step further and has reduced the PROCHOT (processor hot) temperature down to 97°C. Ans: Undervolting a CPU is safe, and no electrical/physical mechanism can cause any damage to a CPU. The file that was tested for ThrottleStop was tests apply to ThrottleStop 9.2 which is the latest version last time we checked. Download ThrottleStop. HP really wants to make sure that your CPU is always operating at a safe temperature. The maximum safe operating temperature for a 3rd Generation Core i Mobile CPU is any temperature less than 105C according to Intel. Maleko48, Vistar Shook and davidcmc like this. Reputations: 3,345 Messages: Hi dear comunity, I have a Lenovo-Y700 laptop with i7-6700 HQ CPU,16 GB of DDR4 RAM and Nvidia GTX 960M 4 GB of GDDR5. There is a lot of stuffs that i dont really understand about throttlestop Heres what i want to know. Undervolting is safe and I have undervolted my AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-52 using RM clock. ThrottleStop is one of the most useful programs for any PC user, but it can be intimidating to use at first glance. Q: Is undervoling a CPU using ThrottleStop is safe? You are using ThrottleStop to run your CPU at a reduced speed and you are already under volting your CPU. Throttlestop or XTU can set lower turbo multipliers Throttlestop is the better option as you can switch between profiles with hot key combo Also consider undervolting to reduce temps. No software can bypass the throttling temperature built into Intel hardware.

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