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2 minute speech on music? We can choose any kind of music that suits to our taste or situation. Afrikaans . Add or Remove Content. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. In fact, the Tansen song at the court of Akbar weaned a great power so much so that it could bring a heavy downpour and kindle the flame. However, my hobby is music. Music in a way also helps in keeping the tradition alive. The history of music is vast and interesting; even though the specific origin of this art form may not be known, but it was certainly introduced to human beings long ago. Today, our music school has completed five successful years and to celebrate this auspicious moment, our management committee has organized a celebration. Music is an integral or may be an essential part of everyone’s life. Music is an art form which is widely recognized, accepted and appreciated worldwide irrespective of the language barriers. Choice of music may vary from person to person; some like classical and some may prefer western; some enjoy films songs and some may be confined to ghazals or Kawaallis. Lv 7. Pause. For some people music runs in their veins and they cannot imagine their lives without music. I don’t know who your audience is or the how you feel about music in general…if you want to increase their interest in studying music, then look at literature/comments from people re how it makes them feel or emote. Thus, almost every person especially young students are inspired to learn music as an extracurricular activity. In fact, it is a refreshing and refining distraction. Today, we have branches at several places and happily a total of 5,000 students. You must also be cautious that your love for music doesn’t cause any harm to others and yourself. In the beginning. Different regions and cultures have given birth to different forms of music such as Western English music, African and Arabian music, Indian music and many more. 2 minutes is 120 seconds. Besides, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and makes a person sound. Help; Log In; facebook pinterest instagram mobile apps. Several musicians and music bands across the world create, edit and promote music to gain appreciation and earn their livelihood. 1. Each form of music has its own range of depth and the practitioners have to undergo rigid trainings and practices to master the art. Music in general is called a sound that follows a certain rhythm or harmony of musical notes in order to produce such sound that conveys the emotions of a person playing it and to evoke the same feelings in others. To keep the body healthy sports are very important. Music is of various types such as rock, jazz, classical, raga, pop, flat, country, chamber, folk etc. Students, we should all thank God every single day for giving us this life and another day to work towards our goals. 1. Create even more, even faster with Storyblocks. Good morning one and all. Relevance. Ask your question. Also, it is an important factor in our education. A perfect solution for those who need to have a little shot of inspiration but only have two minutes open in … Can someone help me out on what can I say about it in 2 min..... thanks in advance.... Answer Save. Some even prefer to express their emotions, reservations and opinions about various issues through music. Music is one of the most precious gifts of God bestowed on mankind, through which people enjoy their leisure time and can alleviate their burdens of life. Join Free! This video has some of the greatest motivation and inspiration from one of the best speakers of our time, Eric Thomas. bluejay0102 bluejay0102 10/22/2015 Arts High School +5 pts. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});