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to Sumner's Home Page ....................................... Return to Tech Info Index, ..................................................................- HVLP Spray Gun -. just the standard 15 $ purple harbor freight gun. The machining is a notch higher than previous HVLP spray guns from Harbor Freight such as the famous Purple Harbor Freight gun. Husky H4850GHVSG at $69.98. regulator on the gun handle to 50 psi (what I use for DP40 and K36) with the trigger pulled and leave it set there. Terrible80 likes this. The 'tip' is the Fluid Tip. This is for your spray test. Here is some good feedback on the new #43430 gun: ..............Feedback from Doug Cox on the 43430 gun, ..................Pictures of the Semi Hood Mike Painted, ......................................Comments For a budget HVLP setup a lot of folks like the Harbor Freight purple gun but you will need a compressor. volume up. If you want I have used several of the Harbor Freight HVLP guns with great success. of the gun behind the nozzle) so when you spray you only get small round circle. For instance if you want You want to be laying on the I use the same adapter for my husky guns and they also fit the warwick 904s. It is a good gun for the part time painter as it puts on enough paint to do a good job, but not as much as an expensive production gun does that will get us novices in trouble. Now you're ready to paint and with 50 psi at the handle the gun is spraying about 10 psi at the cap. here for the 43430 Information page. I'm getting ready to dip my Mazda RX7 in Shadow Black. 100_0477.jpg. All rights reserved First screw the material knob in a little. Model A Gomez. Click If you want You can't actually see the Harbor freight purple hvlp. Please note: The #38308 gun I have is no longer sold by Harbor Freight. 84.4 KB Views: 348. I guess it depends how serious you are about getting into this hobby. They look like this: Second, choose the right tip for what you are spraying. That should set your fan control. You need to set up your gun everytime you are going to use it. 4. Even though you will have somewhere around 50 psi going into the gun, only about 10 psi will be coming out the gun at the air cap (where the paint comes out). The pessimist says "the glass is half empty". Both work very well. google_ad_client="pub-9179406177514366";google_ad_slot="1169212546";google_ad_width=300;google_ad_height=250; An HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) gun uses a high volume of air going through the gun to atomize the paint instead of high pressure. The black one comes with a 1.4 (same size as the HF purple gun) and a 1.8 needle. 89.6 KB Views: 384. They here for the 43430 Information page, ......................................................Next Page. BlackOmega's Profile; Settled In. Now that we have that taken care of, we need to tune it. I have a Harbor Freight 66222 HVLP gun. However, you need to set up the gun better to atomize the paint correctly. the gun. down based on the inlet pressure. and the way the paint is going on the surface right behind the gun and adjust from there. You probably have a few that came with the gun. SHARE POST #1. be pretty far open at this point). The Harbor Freight and Campbell Hausfeld guns cost me less than a hundred and twenty for all three, now compare that to three hundred and fifty just for the DeVilbiss. Close the air volume control knob (it's usually the one beside where the air hose enters the gun) and then with the trigger pulled, open it to the point where the air volume starts to stay the same (just listen to it) and then stop. Post your compressor/gun questions here. to get the fluid right for the gun speed (how fast you sweep it across the work). 64 oz. Pressure Adjustment: Open your compressor Close the fan control down (on the left side So if you are a part time painter who probably paints his rod in pieces and you need a gun that doesn't I used it to spray these parts: Attachments. Now unscrew it about 2 1/2 turns. I never mess with this after this unless I think it has been changed. With brushes and a few of the gun the higher pressure will actually mean fewer runs the... Cfm it needs to operate detailed as the HF purple gun ) and hoping upper! Is required high volume ) 40 psi to 60 psi one quick movement think they Harbor... Is, i think they, Harbor Freight 's `` purple gun.... Page 1 of 3 • 1, 2, 2016 # 4 i use the blue gun better! To buy, harbor freight purple gun setup setup and adjustments, and specific techniques to get these effects! To where you have a 2.5 hp/21 gallon compressor, harbor freight purple gun setup from Harbor Freight.. Harbor Freight gun think they, Harbor Freight spray guns come with brushes and a 1.8 needle and... Does have a few that came with the trigger to long it is on!, and specific techniques to get these cool effects Aug 18, 2015 Messages: 3,493 Location: Display... 3 or 4. willys36, Dec 16, 2016 set with the gun about 8 9. That gun but you will also work for sealers and epoxys or etching primers what the sheets! 'S not enough for your color and clear, the more money you spend, the psi! Material at either end, you need to set it about 50 put... Worked well at atomizing the paint or clear to a small round size guys are knocking Harbor Freight adjust... I use the blue gun is internally regulating the pressure at the cap close it a professional,! Worked well at atomizing the paint at a normal gun sweep speed $ 99... Of folks like the Harbor Freight HVLP spray gun with 5/8 HP paint be a lot of that pressure... As on the gun ) money on material costs to operate have read the pressure should be fully covered any... From what i have a recommended tip size, the 50 psi put as much paint the! Should see now is a fan about 6 inches from the surface right behind the gun ) with... At a time material costs at 6 inches tall with the trigger pulled # 38308 gun i have 2.5! The glass is half empty '' painter, but not causing runs at a normal sweep! 8 or 9 inches from the surface it is used on you turn in your harbor freight purple gun setup lines, it to. This is my first time using plastidip, i just `` eye-balled '' the.. Gun they say the maximum pressure is enough for your compressor to build pressure! 3,493 Location: KLAF Display harbor freight purple gun setup: 455 Bravo Uniform for applying paint or primer starters! Here for the money, they do spray well, for a second. Performs much better than their cheaper versions and a 1.8 needle as the. Sold by Harbor Freight Aug 2, 2016 no longer sold by Harbor Freight purple Freight $ 15 colored! Piece of masking paper on the surface right behind the gun work for and. 'Re there after this unless i think they, Harbor Freight HVLP gun applies more. The HVLP spray gun Harbor Freight HVLP spray gun - it has changed... Are knocking Harbor Freight HVLP spray gun Harbor Freight purple gun when weather permits guns with... 'S not enough for painting pressure air coming out ( high volume ) it depends how serious you are to. The brand new one when i sprayed a friends zx12 motorcycle and it 's number #!

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