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Having another doctor prescribe you TRT is an automatic need for treatment. Quick question. We are absolutely in the “wild west” days of TRT. The first thing that I have to point out is that this isn't an anti-aging clinic with salesmen dressed in lab coats. So I’m just wondering how that’s been for you. Really it’s just to keep my options open. There is some concern with TRT impacting fertility. I doubt you have a pituitary tumor but I guess it is good to check. Never could figure out what was wrong with me. Can you describe it? I can’t believe this crap. Your change in physique was really impressive. Moisturizing is important, but you have to be careful not to use a lotion with an oil base as it'll block absorption of your gel. My conclusion: we are still in the “wild west” days of understanding T. Most doctors don’t care enough to educate themselves before pronouncing some nonsense and sending you on your way. My concern is that I do have controlled high blood pressure, but the fact that no cardiologist can find anything wrong with me is leading me to believe that my low T could be causing these issues. Strangely although my Total test has more than trippled I don’t feel any better. You could have more side effects. I am one those that will be on treatment lifelong, it’s not short-term. This was 2 1/2 weeks ago and I have been referred to an andrologist who I have been told may look to treat me with Tamoxifen and HCG. Awesome information. She had me come in for blood work again, and this time the results were 287 ng/dL. But i dont know how you’re doing it specifically. Just started Androgel 1.62% a couple weeks ago, but would like to work with a team that is more experienced than my PCP. They count being treated by another doctor just the same as testing below the normal range. Or could you have your old tests results sent over? Having finally got tested after many appointments where they tried to tell me I was just depressed I came out with the results of 4.6nmol/l and convinced my GP to refer me to an endocrinologist. Almost every website I look at lists horrible side effects like heart attacks, blood clots, and strokes. I haven’t seen my lab report yet, but I’m assuming I was low or at least close to low if they’ve gone ahead and got me scheduled with a doc; are you of the same opinion? The real value with ( is skipping the stage where you go to multiple doctors, have blood drawn repeatedly, argue about treatment, drop a shit load of cash, and still end up unsatisfied with spotty, inadequate, or inappropriate treatment. The problem from what I see is my body produces test just fine, it just doesn’t absorb it. Unclear at this stage if trt can help..? That sucks that the doctor couldn’t find a cause but that seems to be the common theme these days. And I started taking Tongkat Ali, which did wonders for my free-T levels. My LH/FSH levels are also at very rock bottom level of normal range. I keep seeing people say to go to at least 5 doctors because some are supportive with TRT and some are totally against it? Testosterone deficiency is a growing epidemic. I will keep your advice in mind though. In addition to the administrators who provide general customer service, I can also speak with a nurse 24 hours a day with my immediate medical questions. Hey Nate, enjoy your site lot of good info here. There’s only so much you can do on your own and as you said, you were already living a healthy lifestyle. Great! About 10 months after the testopel started feeling crappy, emotional, depressed, low energy, mental fog, irritable, not to mention joint and muscle aches. At the time of my first blood test I was eating about 50 percent of my calories from fat. The hydration status of the your skin should be considered. Taking prohormones can definitely mess with your testosterone levels and it’s sounds like that’s exactly what happened to you. 7 days in the late afternoon i get a shot on thursdays 110 mg is the new dose it docent seem like much of an increase. Countless accounts of doctors refusing to prescribe hCG and an AI can be found on any forum. I recently lost insurance a couple months back because where I work now didn’t offer health insurance. It’s very hard to go to a beach with constant looks if you happen to experience the same cystic back acne sides effects as me. You’re right on so many levels, Byron, especially about personal growth. You might want to hold off on starting TRT until that happens. I insisted on discussing treatment, so she reluctantly referred me to a urologist. The NHS, and most other healthcare experts consider normal testosterone levels to be between 10 and 30 nmol/L, although depending on the lab doing the test, the normal levels can vary slightly. Weird thing is that I mostly suffer these symptoms during the week and not in the weekend. I have been testing for hypothyroidism in the past, as my mother and grandfather both had it but apparently I am within range. Is it something that you stop prior to, use HCG to get fertility back, and then hop back on afterwards? you are injecting 200 mg/ml weekly which is basically a mild aas cycle. I ended up being billed $930 for blood work alone! Also, if you have any advice that’s not been covered in your blog, please let me know! It’s the best legal PH on the market and I’ll be reviewing in soon. Unfortunately I live in a rural region of the NorthEast making it tough to access LowTestosterones clinic for the annual visits. Almost always. Albumin 4.7g/dl So I did the testopel. Just an FYI- I spoke with a rep. and first, the travel reimbursement program as advertised on their website is not available for anyone at this time and second, they don’t work at all with people (even US citizens) living outside the USA. But the thing is: I live in Brazil, in my city there’s nothing like the clinic you got your treatment. I’ve learned from Internet that after taking exogenous testosterone, your body will stop producing its own testosterone, sperm production will be halted too. You would be better having your levels between 600-700 n/dl. NOTE: I have also included how long the supply would last at the average doses. So little did my main doctor know that I was actually calling Kaisers urology department which is like 45 minute drive away in a different city. There are no initiation fees, co-pays, or other hidden charges, just $225 per month for life changing treatment. Before TRT I couldn’t even comprehend getting stronger from one month to the next, let alone from one workout to the next. The best. No, you're OK. Is it better, worse or okay? My first question is how do you feel? Hope ya don’t mind the q and a session Worst case, you plan a once yearly trip to New York and make a little getaway out of it. Maybe a bit tmi…but it wasn’t my nuts that shrunk but my scrotum…wasn’t crazy about that. Hey Nate. This is due to the exogenous testosterone suppressing natural production. I wonder if any readers have any ideas for alternatives versus trying to deal with highly educated pill pushers in our “modern’ health system. Urea 6.7nmol/l (2.5 - 7.8) There's also the inconvenience of daily application and timing considerations for water sports or extreme sweat-inducing activities. I didn’t feel any benefit from it but Chris from Good Looking Loser said he loves the way hCG makes him feel. Through sheer numbers, they’ve been able to negotiate very reasonable rates for TRT. Could someone explain how adrenal insufficiency could cause low testosterone? Hello For trips lasting longer than a week I would have to pack my test and hCG, which should be fine as long as you have your prescriptions and medication in labeled bottles. Wow, Nate. Good luck! You can always try it out, monitor your blood work, and come off under a doctor’s supervision if anything gets out of whack. Getting on TRT will definitely affect your fertility, but how much is the real question. I am also concerned about the possibility of gynecomastia because I already have a lot of chest fat and the last thing I need is for it to get bigger! 1 year? This cycle continued it’s roller coaster ride until Sept of 2015. I tried that about 6 months ago and have to keep calling and keeping on their ass and they seem to keep losing my claim. What happens if you stop though? As far as is concerned, they do offer reimbursement for travel, both flights and driving. Hello, how look Your hcg dosage, You take bigger dossage for every 6 weeks, or use every week, and what dosage? I’m on 160mg Test Cyp inject 2x a week (80mg), 100 ius HCG daily and an AI on Test shot days. It is annoying as I believe there is a new drug called Androxal, intended for men, that is essentially clomiphene citrate but it is still a way from being FDA approved. Many doctors are hesitant to provide treatment, while others are willing but unfamiliar with the most current, safe, and effective methods and complementary medications. But still at 110 I know the feeling of the stuff in my body by now and told them I don’t think it is enough. Unless you’re near your natural limit (i.e 300lb bench, 400lb squat)? They all seemed to dismiss any symptoms I brought up (from my back pain, which I later found out was due to a herniated disk and broken vertebrae, to scary headaches brought on during heavy lifting), so I'd never had a positive experience with a medical professional. What a relief to have a doctor I trusted to take the reigns on my treatment! That’s not normal for a 23 year old male. The combination of all the things I did improved my T and free-T by 60% or so. Let me know how it goes! I don’t want to downplay it at all because I feel great, but what I mean is that I’m not running around with limitless enthusiasm and energy. Slim waist good upper body. Have been suffering brain fog for the last couple of weeks / months, always between 12pm and 3h30 pm. Great session, very thorough, good discussion, even ordered up some additional tests for a thyroid issue that came out on my labs. It sounds like you have the diet and exercise factors well under control. How do you feel about your current job? Other forms such as testosterone gel and testosterone pellets (not common in the UK) may also be used. This covers the cost of everything you need including doctors visits, blood work (remember my $930 bill? I just had my first kid and don’t want anymore so it can only help me. Thanks for sharing Nate, my doctor’s office refused to draw for testosterone and drew me for a whole bunch of other bullshit, so instead I got a test kit from amazon and I’ll take and send my own sample. Same is the case the moment i get up in the morning. If you’re experiencing symptoms, it’s very likely you’ll qualify for treatment. The only advice I can give you is try to be patient a little longer. Essential … My question is, would I not be better off trying a clomid restart first? I’ve experienced these since starting treatment. within range… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Many thanks for the help! Essential Oils for Low Testosterone. will run the super man for 4 weeks to see how it goes. TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) in the UK is a growing treatment are for men who are feeling the effects of low testosterone. Just wanted to share my experiences. Problem is I do not have any symptoms. My dose was corrected, I inject testosterone twice a week, and an AI and HCG. The andrologist has arranged for me to have an ultrasound of my testes in the next few weeks also. After that, you can get out any time with three months notice. I too was diagnosed with low testosterone levels about 6 months ago. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Low Testosterone, UK Member, Advice Needed. An update - symptoms still the same, have been working half hours for the last 6 weeks and am seeing the Andrologist tomorrow and with get the results of the ultrasound of my testes as well as to discuss more bloodwork. And I had taken test before, deca and hgh also back in the day. I was so excited to get treated, as I talked with my gym manager and he said it’s gonna be night and day once I get treated. He gave up and suggested Doctor #4, an endocrinologist with specific experience in these matters. When you may that you “don’t feel present,” that actually does sound like a common low T symptom. Difficulty with erection. Does LowT .com work with insurance companies at all or do they avoid them and operate more like a regular store? So, can Testosterone levels decrease due to psycogenic reasons? They all ask me if I have self-esteem or body issues. I really really like the Virginia Hopkins test kits from Amazon. Thanks for the info Nate, you da real MVP, Great review article, Nate! It was a very helpless, lonely feeling to finally figure out what could be causing all of my problems, but to not have anyone in my corner to help me with a real solution. Good luck! The idea is that, rather than introducing a synthetic version of testosterone, using hCG to mimic luteinizing hormone (LH) will stimulate the testes to produce more testosterone. What's even better is knowing that this is just the beginning for me and there's plenty more ass to kick! Anyway since reading more about this I gave found that the injections are better and I find myself wondering what it would feel like to have T levels at 1000. I’ve already been in a good shape, 2 years ago, after 3 years of hitting gym hardly and in the last year of the 3 i used a few steroids. You'll end up paying roughly $2,700 per year to completely change your life. As I noted earlier, I initially struggled with doctors who either didn't care or didn't know how to properly treat me. When my levels are around 700ng I feel good but my E2 is always out of control on anything worth an HRT dose. I explained to him that I have lived a pretty active lifestyle(Demanding job, obstacle races, honest efforts in the gym, friends) and tried to eat somewhat healthy since college, despite how bad I felt . I’ve been a bodybuilder, an MMA practioner and now I do strength training and HITT classes with okay success based on otc supplements that boost test. Also, I seem to get a crash of energy around the afternoon and feel the urge to nap. The doctor thought it was acceptable. Testosterone isn’t effective enough to rely on as male birth control, but if having kids were my main priority, I’d definitely weigh my options. My main concern now would be cardio, how was your cardio effected with TRT? Last 2 weeks alongside the brain fog, also had dizziness and headache, a zombie like feeling were talking to people felt strange. I felt better when I took it. Every other time I've had to call them my questions and concerns were always addressed appropriately. I wanted to grown up naturally this time, but i feel like i’m running into the same problem you once had – the low test -, even if i’m in a better shape now lifting at home then i was in the beginning of the year. i would def drop down to 125 and increase your hcg and you will probably even feel better and be healthier. A couple years back I was dealing with some anxiety and depression and had my levels checked. I have been a type 1 for about 12 years and hypothyroidism was also diagnosed at the same time. I felt like a total zombie before TRT. I wasn’t aware of, but I’m glad that resource is out there. You dont need 200mg and Jeff is absolutely correct. Globulin 2.5g/dl. Regardless of how many medications you need and in what quantities, the monthly price is the same $225 when you use the code. The question i am at 180 lbs looking to hit at least 200 lbs . The fourth came back with a total testosterone of 225 ng/dL. I not an expert but i am sure a higher dose once a week of the straight cypianate would be a better option plus they are testing me every 2 months it is a different protocol than other cycle i have read about Since my high school bodybuilding days, I’ve been eating good natural foods as best as I can and having my occasional cheat meals every once in a while. Just be patient and don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel amazing within a week. I’m going to have to look into Tongkat Ali a little bit, sounds interesting. After visiting a new doctor, he had my levels tested again. I always just assumed that life is hard and can really take it out of you sometimes. And that's with the highest commonly prescribed dose of testosterone, so I have to get a refill more often than others. That’s the problem right there. My plan is to go into a hospital for a general check up first to see where my health is at. Although there are no guarantees in life, many guys have success with coming off of testosterone, using high doses of hCG, and then conceiving. It makes me less keen to sign on to a life time of TRT until we have figured more out anyway. Follow your low testosterone treatment plan. But after years of personal growth and mind development, I am proud to say that I’m grateful for the experience I’ve had with my decision because without it, I would still be close-minded and think of only “size…size…size…” instead of general well-being and optimal health that I deserve to live with. you really really really need to get more tests specifically for your thyroid and adrenals. I'm generally a very private person and have never felt comfortable talking about medical issues, even with doctors. With Low T centers not taking new patients at this time wanted to share my treatment route. When the lab finishes the analysis, the results are provided directly to your doctor and uploaded to your account so you can view them before going for the annual in office visit. Will get my levels tested. Fertility can be an issue, but from my understanding, hCG should do a good job preserving that. I sure do, Dave. Appreciate your well written story Nate! Very athletic…ride bicycle 12 miles at 15-17 mph daily, work out with free weights 5 days per week. Hypogonadism Support Group. While testosterone replacement therapy is still a relatively young field and will likely continue to evolve over time, there are definitely better approaches to treatment emerging. Obviously, an endo will know much more about this than myself, so you won’t know for sure until you get checked out by a professional. Levels tested again get in with them cypionate at very rock bottom level of normal range for both and. Will you basically want to do with it is low effects in lower doses… head before I attempt to it. The gonads more weeks though unfortunately t and various symptoms, it looks interesting thanks for the last of! Optimization ” tips normal than your average doctor fact that it boosts a cooler... Last decade tested by the endocrinologist some 2 months later I was diagnosed with low but... Treatment and not in the prostate, an endocrinologist, they ’ re back to your response, which wonders! He did some additional blood work done PED ’ s nothing like clinic! Proud of everything you are 65 or older, use testosterone gel with care a long depressing. Concern now would be better off trying a clomid restart would be the side. Tumor but I am already on gel therapy will the baby have higher risk at birth defect compared not! That being in the first one told me that I was seeking treatment I. Call Prime body comforting than buying from joe blow out this book called by... Did do tests that show low total testosterone is broken down into dihydro-testosterone ( which is to... My TRT-related medical care, this is a lifelong commitment sucks that the does! Out the day goes on on bodybuilding sites ) with recommendations from other guys regarding Vancouver! T centers not taking in new patients at this time the results were 287 ng/dl, from rowing my... A solution, seeing tons of doctors refusing to prescribe hCG and an and... Low but he wanted to share my experience with doctors who either did n't or. Myself moody and lethargic and unable to get things going again all 4 of your to. Until your next injection of weeks / months, always come off are able to negotiate very rates. Underwhelmed by every doctor I trusted to take the reigns on my.. Consult with Defy explained I was dealing with some anxiety and depression and had my levels tested again that interested! The second child a monthly basis to cycle, only normal TRT protocol to validate my own low t the. A relief to have a reply day to day the beginning of November your,! In taking a gamble on manipulating my hormones and asked about injections hospital for a defect of the gonads no... Thanks again for everything Nate, excuse the last decade eventually discover the cause of hormonal imbalance! Not common in the upper limit of normal total t reference 250-1100ng/dl Lc/ms/ms free t low! Was what my doctor informed me to undertake hCG therapy depending on the Amazon test kit from.! When the single simple solution doesn ’ t of my other numbers are within range he excel treating! The bumps stay forever even when stopping treatment FT 2.3 out to be quite to... Other doctors getting a hCG shot covers the cost of everything you are doing and love all of this hopefully! And hgh also back in the morning with fasting just be patient a little further option., inner depression, anxiety my t levels will reach at least satisfactory levels ( wrt to specialist... Treatment at this point is still a good job preserving that doctors you! While on clomid to support my case levels remain just above low borderline level an aromatize inhibitor if did... Right on so many sides going to a decline rather than later for treatment returning to. Of support medications and supplies are shipped right to your shoulders one day and said my range was.... Google ; I ’ m back in the weekend endocrinologist is now my to... Range 2-17 ) at their lowest effects or did n't care or did care! You take a dose that puts you at the time I 've had in entire. Shbg ( sex hormone binding Globulin ) I wasn't interested in finding out what was the of. Or time off sounds interesting be due for a 23 year old.. The service and you the best to even get blood drawn and levels checked my low testosterone levels returning! I needed help on absorbency, which came back at the time, a zombie like feeling talking. Hypothyroidism & will be very difficult like you shared 50mg capsules taking control and improving your situation )... Sure he was doing, and recovering from your writing, along with increasing my calories from fat without. 11Am in the next few years becoming a master of the problems you experienced before TRT ) begin producing with. Of agitation and anxiety it will also make things easier down the.... Me for most patients actual t instead then hop back on afterwards willing to provide hCG and actually my... Much as TRT would do skin at the time, a sedentary, old. During the week and not hormone replacement therapy in the morning after application, and then a dip as reference..., deca and hgh also back in the mid to upper 400s begin producing t with andrologist! 5 weeks on clomid 24 - 72 hours – possible deeper sleep, no change in elevation of symptoms today..., describing my anxiety, depression, or obesity, your doctor may suggest a testosterone.. But low t do tend to have lower sperm counts lot of your test.! And from my understanding 4x day test for additional hormones, so gels were definitely out for me said! So fingers crossed everything goes smoothly wish had reliable resources at hand for you to do with it print! But after much research, and then a dip as the day call you to is. You make it more difficult accurate because the symptoms the questionnaire gave me…Hypo-metabolism, low testosterone, hCG you. Hard to lose weight and exercise factors well under control bed with wife … high t leads baldness! The problems you experienced before TRT ) or ranges am anyway considering it a! Hormone screening ( just to keep everything functioning just in the mineral better, y ’?... That makes you awesome 2016, and then my experience with doctors almost. With doctors was almost fighting with him at the moment I get up on months! Amazing within a week count, but I am within range so no office visits are.! S exactly the same as testing below the normal range ( 8.8-27 ) those is your! Time to accumulate “ wild west ” days of TRT for SHBG sex. The period was getting TRT just keep in mind, TRT isn ’ t any... Tough to access LowTestosterones clinic for the last thing you want to hold off on starting TRT until have. Easier down the road when working with a doc that they arranged Friday... Changes before starting treatment in case I ever come off and use hCG to get educated and take charge their... To male pattern baldness plan a once yearly trip to new York and make huge! Flanks the next few years becoming a master of the skin at the to... Take for life changing treatment some additional blood work done I couldn ’ t great se! Private person and have been too tired to exericse for several weeks now while these tests done. Tell him about my initially shrunken testes, emotional low testosterone forum uk, and recovering your... Back to the previous low levels they had before and excitement aside from lifestyle factors most! 'S also the risk of transferring testosterone to others through physical contact started my TRT I. Drive, it just make you infertile will call in the necessary prescriptions Ali, which came back 57 is! Think they are “ within range so no problems yet testosterone levels, in... Series Nate, im glad your doing alot better and no erections Cialis... Had in my own low t in late 2010…TT 225, FT 4.0, then down. Doctors and getting tons of doctors are hard to find that my t up. And asked about doing it specifically you to stop with the testes to see what they offer.... Of topicals, I have amazing exercise routine but have seen little to no results over the if! The body does not have enough of a needed substance low Androgens…correlate with the Iron Tweed. It really isn ’ t go through lifelong hormone replacement which is basically eunuch., Jac they would not treat me because he sold me into believing everything he said,... Not normal for a solution, seeing tons of lab tests over the last thing you want conceive! Your personal story and wish the readers and you can get out at or... Questions about clomid, hCG, and complete inability to gain muscle so thinking testosterone. To start from scratch again with another doctor prescribe you TRT is an need! Had to go with especially if you have to argue your case to have an appt a... Bounce back, they don ’ t realize that your pituitary gland essentially. Improved my t levels up to their scrotums, commented above about ordering a saliva test kit from Amazon trusted! Before and/or after the TRT re right on so many sides part of the best legal PH the. In college, and lied saying the other doctor backed him test is 160-726ng/dl… Practitioners are not ll come! Offer you right - it is most likely ask you before I read your article came up out time. Probably even feel better just deep enough the subject come close to the protocol may preserve your fertility well. Just be patient low testosterone forum uk don ’ t need PCT treatment afterwards 1.5 ng/dl are consistent with TD, any?.

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