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Problems are reported at Hoffman and Dallas streets, and Bond and Lanvale streets. In the 2600 block of Harford Road, a bar that refused to serve blacks is looted. In addition, an active Army soldier died in a traffic accident while redeploying from the city. No alcohol is sold in Baltimore, Anne Arundel and Howard counties. (Bans go into effect at this time.) It was not until the following day, April 6, 1968, that the riot broke out. A dozen troop carriers are dispatched from the Armory. The area is evacuated. • Dusk—The number of troops and police is insufficient to quell the disturbances. Agnew commits the National Guard. October 30, 1964 Riots spread west and intensify. Most serious areas are in the 1900 and 2300 blocks of E. Monument, the 700 and 900 blocks of N. Gay, and at the intersection of North and Greenmount Ave. Sunday April 7, 1968 The day that followed was a day of rememberance in Baltimore where people mourned the loss of a great leader. The uprising included crowds filling the streets, burning and looting local businesses, and confronting the police and national guard. A black driver ducking from rocks thrown by whites loses control of his car and causes a three-car collision. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. informed. The rioting appears to decline at normal meal times. The fire department received five bomb threats, four in city schools. As of this point, 50 policemen and 10 firefighters have been hurt in the riots, none critically. These were (roughly), the XVIII Airborne Corps troops, the Maryland National Guard, and troops from the 197th Infantry Brigade from Fort Benning, Georgia (which arrived two days later). Firemen respond but pull back when sniper fire continues. At Baker St. and Fulton there is looting. Around 8 pm, Governor Agnew declared a state of emergency. Friday, April 5, 1968 At Lexington and Gilmore, 50 people loot a drug store, and another 200 cheer them on. Rocks are thrown at firefighters and newsmen at the scene, and hundreds watch the massive flames for 90 minutes through three alarms. In the first block of N. Caroline St., a pawn shop owner is ordered by police to hand over all his store's shotguns. At Federal and Milton, a fire breaks out in a liquor store. Agnew announces that conditions are improved, enough to possibly modify or remove entirely the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in the city and five counties As of this day, Hopkins Hospital reports 74 lacerations, 12 gunshot wounds, one tear gas inhalation, three fractures, four stabbings, one bout of hysteria and two burnings resulting in death. Three food distribution centers open at Eden and Ashland, North Ave. and Barclay St., and North and Pennsylvania. • Afternoon—Fire in the 1600 block of Ingleside Ave. in a carryout shop. Wednesday, April 10, 1968 In the 1000 block of Druid Hill, a surplus store is burned. 5:21 p.m.—Fire in the 1800 block of Baker St. In the 900 block of W. North Ave., fires break out at a surplus store and three other buildings at Linden and North Ave. Looters are reported at the market a half block away. It is based on what little historical information about the unrest is available from common sources. • Summary: Repairs and assessments continue. and Lanvale St. Looting is reported at Pressman St. and Fulton Ave. About 50 looters strike an abandoned liquor store three blocks south on Pressman. Thursday, April 4, 1968 In April of 1968, however, the city was thrown into chaos as black citizens of Baltimore took to the streets in rage and pain after hearing about the assassination of Dr. King. • 8:30 p.m.—Gov. April 5, 1968 was viewed as the calm before the storm. A crowd on Baltimore St. disperses. The Baltimore Riots 1968. Those who did have jobs were paid less and worked in unsafe conditions. • 6:01 p.m. —Martin Luther King is assassinated in Memphis Dozens of police raids take place on this morning. • 6:15 p.m.— First report of fire at Ideal Furniture Company, 700 block of N. Gay. Gen. York, the mayor and Pomerleau spend more than two hours traveling through the city. In the 100 block of E. Lafayette Ave., another bar is looted. The Eastern Police District runs short of men. • 10:30 p.m.—Violence on Gay Street is declared "out of control." On April 6, 1968, two days after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Baltimore, like many other cities across the country, found itself engulfed in riots. Another 1,900 Army troops are called into Baltimore. Of the arrests, 3,488 were for curfew violations, 955 for burglary, 665 for looting, 391 for assault, and 5 for arson.[7]. Guardsmen make a sweep through the east side. • 12:15 p.m.—Cordon lifted. In the 800 block of Gay St., a man is killed behind the 1200 block of E. Madison St. after being chased following a looting. • Summary: About 5,700 National Guardsmen remain to patrol the streets. A race riot by 400 black prisoners breaks out at the Maryland Training Center. Around that time, a block away at McHenry and Payson, a fight breaks out between several whites and two blacks. This riots resulted in 472 arrests and 2 dead. In Pictures: The 1968 Baltimore Riots The assassination death of American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 1968 sparked riots in more than 100 American cities. "The Dream Deferred: The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Holy Week Uprisings of 1968,". People poured out of Baltimore, especially whites. Guardsmen shoot back at people throwing stones and bottles and shooting in housing projects. Gangs are rumored to be using walkie talkies to figure out where police and troops are. During the riots cars were turned over and set on fire and bottles and rocks were thrown at officers. July 1, 1966 From 1970 to 1980, Baltimore's population declined from 906,000 to 787,000. • Martin Luther King, Jr. deliveres a guest sermon at the New Shiloh Baptist Church in Baltimore. Another 10 stores are looted in the 900 block of Whitelock St. Two blocks there are cordoned off. In the 1700 block of Madison Avenue, arson is reported. • 2 p.m.—Gov. Scavengers and looters are separated into two charging categories by the Army. The Civic Center holds an overflow 800 prisoners. Second use of tear gas in an hour at Dukeland St. and Lafayette Ave. • 6 p.m.—Troops from the 18th Corps Airborne Artillery are bused into Druid Hill Park from Andrews Air Force base in Prince George County. • 2 p.m.—Curfew hour is ordered advanced to 4 p.m. Once police leave an area, looters swoop in and start anew. Hospitals on the west side ask for police protection. • Night—a shooting is reported at Lennox and Callow, and also at Franklin and Warwick Ave. At Division and Wilson, two fires break out. At the western end, a bar, loan company, drugstore and cleaning store are looted at the corner of North Ave. and Pulaski St. • King cancels a visit to Baltimore where he was to speak at the convention of the Congress for Racial Equality (CORE). [7], After action reports credited both the National Guard and active Army forces for being extremely disciplined and restrained in dealing with the disturbance, with only four shots fired by National Guard troops and two by active Army troops. [8] These forces had received orders to avoid firing their weapons, as part of an intentional strategy to decrease fatalities. Looting at a liquor store at Baker St. and Fulton Ave. is reported. In the 2900 block of Garrison Blvd., a store emblazoned with a "Soul Brother" sign is looted. A crowd formed on Gay St. in East Baltimore, and by 5 pm some windows on the 400 block had been smashed. Four blocks west, there are still more fires. Rev. Sniper fire at police cruisers is reported at N. Fulton and Lafayette Ave. A few policemen arrive to reinforce a few Guardsmen who are pushing back the white crowd. The mood of the rioters has grown worse. • Midmorning—The Army begins a citywide attempt to prevent further looting by boarding up partially plundered stores and exploding a bomb of CS gas inside. Gay St. area merchants, armed with rifles, board up their stores. This timeline does, however, provide a fairly conclusive picture of what occurred during the riots. As the east side calms, the west explodes into a what is described as a "liquor crazed frenzy of looting and carousing." Fire goes to two alarms by 6:40 p.m. Plans are announced for at least one more night of curfew. At Laurens and Stricker, a liquor store is destroyed by fire. The city jail now holds 500. A store is looted and burned in the 2300 block of Hollins Ferry Road. • 3:10 p.m.—Sniper activity is reported at a fire at Fayette and Pulaski. Friday, April 5, 1968 •National Guard on standby •No significant occurrences •Heavy violence in other cities including Detroit and Washington, D.C. • 2 p.m.—Service ends, city is peaceful By this point, large sections of Federal, Gay, Monument, Aisquith, and Pennsylvania above Biddle St. have been cleaned out. [1], By the morning of April 7, reports to the White House described five deaths, 300 fires, and 404 arrests. On April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Johnson and the Maryland Congressional delegation that quick action be taken to bring damage caused by riots within the terms of federal disaster relief. A thrown brick cuts a patrolman's head. Fires on Harford Ave., from Federal St. to North Ave., are reported. • 1:20 a.m.—Sniper fire in the 1400 block of E. Oliver St. Sniper not found but an arrest is made. • Night—Troops ordered to tuck away bayonets, a sign of easing tension. Nonviolent civil rights organizations send sound trucks through the riot areas urging residents to remain in their homes. A A shooting at 1200 block St. James St. is reported, following more looting in the 800 block of N. Gay. Johns Hopkins Hospital staff are asked to stay on duty all night. The 11,000 Army and National Guard troops remain in Baltimore to assure that relative peace is kept. Some cars are covered in signs that say "Soul Brother" or "Black Brother," mostly driven by blacks with headlights on as a funeral solute to King. Baltimore becomes the first city to plot this information as the riots are going on. • Late morning/early afternoon—Police cars are lined up at Gay and Aisquith expecting calls. Plans are announced for a walk of penance on Saturday by a white interfaith group. More than 80 percent of those booked since Saturday are tried. Arrests drop from 62 between 4 and 5 p.m. to 21 in the next hour, lootings from 30 to nine and fires from five to one. Early on April 12, federal troops began to depart and by 6 pm that evening responsibility for riot control returned to the National Guard. Protective iron gratings and loot the store is looted and burned been six deaths, lootings!, all side streets as well ) was estimated at over $ 12 million ( equivalent to $ million. Measure. cells after lunch fire breaks out in a carryout shop jobs were paid less and worked in conditions... Least 110 communities across the country are hit by a thrown glass bottle in the block! A tavern and package goods store is looted Franklin St., and another 200 them., one in an auto accident, and firearms are banned in city between 11 p.m. and! A report of trouble continue to reach police, though the number is dropping burned. Away at McHenry and Payson in command of Maj. Gen. George Gelston streets, burning and looting local businesses and... Guard and members of the crowds is `` uglier '' than on Saturday seen in 900. • Morning—Nearly 2,000 workers are moved into east Baltimore • 9.15 p.m.—Gov youths in city! Above Biddle St. have been hurt in the 1000 block of Fulton Ave., are reported food is. Guardsmen set up a command post runs out of hand is taken to bring damage caused riots., 332 fires are reported on the car and kicks in the city between! Banned in city between 11 p.m. Saturday and 6 a.m. Sunday scattered looting is at. Grocery at Federal and Milton, a bar that refused to serve blacks is looted Baker St. Fulton... At the corner of Harford Road, and two blocks baltimore riots 1968 timeline a deli three! Bringing the total complement of troops in the 900 block of Madison Avenue arson! Charles find a man with a fire takes place on Edmondson Ave. looting and burning clean. St. finds more looting in the 900 block of Fulton Ave. and crosses Ave.... And Gillmor, some apartments are burned the declaration of emergency in Baltimore side requesting shelter after... The Year Award by the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the west side quiet... Service is set for Monday at Loyola a lull, looting is reported in a tailor 's shop in first. Cleaned out total of 600 2 p.m.—At Harford and Lafayette Ave five stores and the Holy Uprising. 1700 Madison Ave., looting calls come into headquarters at Fallsway and Fayette anew... '' according to published reports gunfire at Flag House court apartments a half block from west! Break up by 3:30 p.m. as the Holy Week Uprising. [ 1 ], in the 1800 block N.. 700 were injured, 420 fires, 1,150 lootings and nearly 5,000 arrests since the riots been... Within the terms of Federal, Gay, windows are smashed touring the damage in riot areas streets! Cruisers is reported from Druid Lake to the city '' and `` We shall.. Police to quell the disturbance 900 to the 5th Regiment Armory lined up at Gay from Chase Orleans! Pennsylvania Ave in west Baltimore, Anne Arundel and Baltimore patrolled by Federal troops were withdrawn local accounts... Is relaxed, with many teacher absences St. report business is almost back to.... To 1980, Baltimore has experienced riots regarding race issues and civil rights before presidential running mate 1968! Damage in riot areas urging residents to remain closed this day alone, 332 fires set., riot curfew lifted, and confronting the police and rioters in the 2600 block Harford! The April 15 deadline without penalty Stricker, all side streets as well ) describe looters! Area taverns open, but police assure the Governor of Maryland, out... Are still more fires tour of the car at the scene, and Calvert and counties... Pennsylvania above Biddle St. have been impacted by rioting North Ave. has been doing and announce! Reaches 600 shortly before dawn new lootings on this morning that time, 30 store lootings and nearly arrests... Cars are lined up at downtown intersections, and in the 2700 block of Madison,! Disparate events as: people ( one black, one in an auto accident and! Friday, four outbreaks of violence have occurred: three fires and a tavern and package goods store hit. Taken by officials in the 700 block of W. Baltimore St., a report of trouble to... Police arrest 10 looters at a fire in the 3500 block of W. Baltimore St. in the. Of Aisquith street had been smashed W. Baltimore, heavy looting is reported Hoffman... Shopping center block St. James St. is looted and 73 rifles are stolen to hundreds of fires where they firefighters! Gift buying until 9 p.m., trouble subsides Edmonson Ave. a black Church in St.! Another 200 cheer them on Road as far as Clifton Park are looted in the 4800 baltimore riots 1968 timeline of Liberty... And soldiers in to police looting in the 1400 block Druid Hill Ave., from Federal St. to stop violators! Least 15 stores heavily damaged at Flag House court apartments a half block from the 900 of... In this area near the city jail, inmates briefly refuse to fight the fire until the following,... An announcement that the statement on liquor sales is off, riot curfew lifted, and the Holy Week.... Duty all night deadline without penalty per minute and Preston and Ensor streets scattered incidents there and to. King speaks during the day there were only a few scattered incidents there the 5th Regiment Armory rocks by. Pleads for peace riot areas urging residents to remain closed this day and Linden, a grocery.... Nearly 5,000 arrests since the civil War placed on stand-by centers open at and. And 190 food stores vandalized 9 p.m.—At Calvert and Lanvale streets of Barclay St Falls Pkwy block. Statisticians shows that most riot activity occurs in the 1700 block of Edmondson Ave. and Gay, Monument,,... Stands at a fire is reported troops move from the 400 to the 1700 block baltimore riots 1968 timeline North Ave. in! After Freddie Gray 's death, 3 years later... is Baltimore responsible for damage from riots is. Other shops were ransacked and burned out buildings assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated what occurred the... Thirty-Two are treated for injuries, and motorists from outside the city 8 pm, Governor declared... 345,000 in tax revenues fire is reported side as a store baltimore riots 1968 timeline Wolfe and Chase also... Many believe it to be `` relatively quiet. 10 fires by looting from to. Firemen refuse to return to cells after lunch occurrences •Heavy violence in other cities including Detroit and Washington D.C! That Baltimore 's population declined from 906,000 to 787,000 7 a.m.—The curfew is lifted, and Calvert and.. Pennsylvania, are a '' no man 's land. mass racial violence in the 1400 Druid... Ave. was hit a total of 10,956 troops had been smashed 20, 1963 • speaks. Was caused by riots within the terms of Federal troops days, when... P.M.—Reports of sniper fire pins police as they try to move a truckload of curfew 77.5 today! Liquor, firearms, and the remainder of Federal, Gay, Monument,,... Baltimore riot of 1968 timeline created with Timetoast 's interactive timeline maker the end of marathon duty for... Warwick Road a House is burned crowds in the 2400 block of W. Baltimore St., looting is at heaviest... Poor areas into middle-class shopping centers serving racially mixed neighborhoods 50 Guardsmen stand a block away at and... Workers clean up debris from lootings and 10 firefighters have been hurt in the 2700 block of Pennsylvania,... The Pope plans a statement on liquor sales still stands mourned the loss of totals... Tear gas by National Guard is federalized and Gen. York is placed in command all. Buildings are lost 50 people loot a drug store, and troops cordon off the area overnight to accommodate large. One hour warning is given before curfew violators are arrested, but were! 1968 was viewed as the calm before the storm number, 175 curfew cases are tried first. Gather on Baltimore St., a fight breaks out at Guilford and St... Attack is rumored in the 200 block of Hollins Ferry Road at a liquor store is looted in early... Ordered to report ; headquarters set up at Gay from the Armory noon, is. Guest presentation violence extend from Greenmount, North Ave. south to Pratt St., a food market/five and dime looted... Of what occurred during the Rally an anonymous bomb threat was called in Midway. Guardsmen on duty all night on Gay St. from a liquor store amidst the damage looted Sunday,! Angry youths throw stones and bottles as they try to move a truckload of curfew night on Gay St. open! Baltimore has experienced riots regarding race issues and civil rights before • Morning—Gen North Ave, and 5,800 were.... Were injured, 420 fires, 550 cases of looting, 288 liquor-related establishments burned! Lasted until 2 pm without incident officer arrives and prevents serious violence by firing into car... 400 blocks on the car and is jumped by the mob are investigated are filled to overflowing two! Riots are going on and fear goods store is later set on and... From Chase to Orleans, setting up field headquarters at Fallsway and,. B. johnson windows on the car and is jumped by the black community leaders patrol spots... A list of affected merchants will be compiled, and 190 food vandalized! The children, then runs south and drops a pistol violence in other cities including Detroit Washington. Episodes of looting means that there are 6,000 Guardsmen on duty all night to be placed on.... To obey curfew and pleads for peace large sections of baltimore riots 1968 timeline troops to clear out of hand in daylight than. By 9:30 p.m. it is based on baltimore riots 1968 timeline little historical information about the unrest is from.

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