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page. If you frequently host parties and need to squeeze a lot of juice, we recommend using an electric citrus juicer instead of a handheld press. See how our industry-leading frozen cocktail equipment helps Hacienda Colorado serve the most exciting margaritas in town. You can view your complete order total, including shipping fees, Click & Collect. But it’s one-fifth the price and works just fine. Invest in durable, dependable equipment; blenders, refrigeration, prep tables, sinks and cocktail units, ice handling and speed rails. Stirring is one way to mix a cocktail, such as a gin or whiskey cocktail, gently mixing the … Make the most of the holidays. privacy policy LEARN MORE, Earn 5% Back + Free Standard Shipping When You Open & Use a Williams Sonoma Credit Card. Restaurant & Store Equipment Company. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; … Dans la catégorie MATÉRIEL DE BAR vous trouverez des shakers, mesures de bar, cuillères à mélange et tout autres accessoires qui vous permettront d'équiper au mieux votre établissement et ainsi créer les meilleurs cocktails. FREE Delivery by Amazon. Commercial Beer Dispensing Systems; Wine Dispensing; Components; Air-Cooled Dispensing Towers; Dispensing Faucets; Tapping Hardware/Components; Glass Washing Bar Mats. This affordable muddler felt the most comfortable in hand. Deluxe Gold Bar Tools Set. But if you need to stock up from scratch, we have suggestions for basic, crowd-pleasing bottles of liquor that won’t blow your budget. Some are part of a larger restaurant, others are not. Beer Bar; Cocktail Bar; Wine Bar; Beverage Dispensing. And it prevents most seeds from falling into your drink, so it’s far easier and less messy to use than a handheld reamer. 95. As mentioned above, a mixing glass also requires a strainer, to keep the ice from sliding into your drinking glass. Most bars use spouts on their bottles for speed and/or to measure alcohol by counts (instead of measuring it by volume using a jigger). The Cocktail Kingdom Seamless Yarai Mixing Glass we tested had a tendency to wobble, as did the lightweight French press carafes we tried—the BonJour French Press Replacement Glass Carafe and the Bodum Spare Glass Carafe—so that knocked them out of the running. These poured crystal glasses have all the elegance of expensive Waterford crystal, but they are actually affordable and durable enough to use every day. If you want to smash herbs, fruit, or sugar cubes for making cocktails like a mojito, you’ll need to get a muddler. Alex Day and David Kaplan, co-authors (along with Nick Fauchald) of Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails, note, “You can spend an absolute fortune on any bar tool, but by and large, it’s not necessary.” If you’re just getting into cocktails, we recommend starting with the basics: a cocktail shaker and a jigger. LICENSE TO MIX. frequency varies. Marco Caldone vous invite à découvrir le matériel de bar dont chacun devrait disposer pour réaliser des cocktails d'exception. It also provides measurements in tablespoons, milliliters, and 1/16 cup, ⅛ cup, and ¼ cup, which is handy, depending on the recipe you’re using. Setting up a home bar can be easier but daunting at the same time if you don’t know how to pick the right tools and equipment. Buy on Amazon. It’s also handy for scooping up garnishes, like maraschino cherries or olives, from narrow jars. The Teardrop Barspoon has a tightly twisted shaft that takes a little getting used to, but ultimately this spoon is easier to grip and handle than spoons with smooth, skinny shafts. We have been in the business since 1868 and have rich experience in supplying bar and kitchen equipment to the hospitality industry. Most pro bartenders prefer using two-piece Boston shakers, but since they require a separate strainer and a little more skill, we think that the all-in-one Usagi Cobbler Shaker from Cocktail Kingdom is the best choice for home bar setups. Maintaining inventory is one of the most important aspects of running a successful bar . Voici notre sélection de matériel pour vos cocktails de tout type. 8 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays LEARN MORE, Gift of the Day! Our experts said they look for bar spoons made of one continuous piece of metal, because they tend to be more durable and less likely to fall apart than those with the bowl welded to the handle. With products from world leading brands such as Olympia, Beaumont and Bonzer, we have all the cocktail accessories you'll need to create cocktails in your bar. You’ll get better value and quality for your money by buying individual tools, because no manufacturer makes the best in every category. Bar Towels. Cocktail Kingdom offers a full spectrum of professional and custom barware, artisan bitters and syrups fit for the most discerning bartender. If you’re an enthusiast and you have the space, that’s great. A cocktail strainer is a metal bar accessory used to remove ice from a mixed drink as it is poured into the serving glass. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll need to set up your home bar. It doesn’t leak, and it’s easy to break the seal and separate the tins. This double-sided jigger is messier to use than our main pick, but it looks … Most bars will have the essential equipment, such as shakers and bottle openers, but depending on where you work, they may not provide all the things that make your job easier. However, you can make most classic cocktails from just a few types of liquor. The Cocktail Kingdom spoon is available in other sizes, but we think the 30-centimeter spoon (11.8 inches) is the appropriate size for home use. A hand press makes just the right amount of juice for a couple of drinks, and it catches most seeds while providing better aim, so the juice ends up in your shaker or drink, not all over the counter. OXO’s Steel Cocktail Strainer will do the … If you’re an aspiring mixologist and you want to up your game, Cocktail Kingdom’s Koriko Weighted Shaking Tins make the best Boston-style shaker we’ve tested. In general, the majority of your bar equipment will need to be maintained, repaired, or replaced at some point. We recommend the US Acrylic Classic 16-ounce Water Tumbler for outdoor cocktail parties. Place a strainer over the tumbler and place your index finger on the strainer. Some items are not eligible for international shipping. Read on to learn more. Bar stools are an integral part of any professional or home bar, diner, or bartop food service setting. Avoid stemmed glassware that’s too big—unless, of course, you’re Ina Garten in quarantine (video). It's no secret: a busy and successful bar needs top-quality equipment to run efficiently enough to accommodate a large … We’ve had a look at essential equipment for your home bar, time to take a look at the essential ingredients that will go into your cocktails.. Whether you’re outfitting your first home bar or you just want to up your cocktail game, having the right tools for the job will set you up for success. Blackboards & Pens. We are going to go into a bit of depth on how to use bar tools correctly and layout the must-have items so you look and feel the part as a home mixologist. The small bowl of the spoon makes it easier to stir cocktails over ice. $2.79 CAD. ). Most of the experts we spoke with recommend a Hawthorne strainer, which has coils of metal around its perimeter, so it fits snugly over a shaker or mixing glass and is easy to use. catalog. The US Acrylic glasses stack, but because they’re so tall, they take up more cupboard space than a typical stacking tumbler. Made of poured crystal, it sparkles under the light, giving it the appearance of finer, more expensive glassware, such as etched Waterford crystal. At Pattersons Bar Supplies, our range of cocktail equipment includes bar spoons, drink strainers, save and serve pourers and much more. If you’re not a fan of plastic barware, the OXO mini measuring cup also comes in a stainless steel version. An American Sterling Silver Cocktail Shaker, Tiffany & Co., 1925-1926, of tapering cylindrical form with Neoclassical decoration; approximate weight 22.52 ozt. Copper Plated Barware. Free Shipping promotions cannot be applied to International Orders. Bar spoons. Professional Barware & Bartender Supplies. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter. 4.5 out of 5 stars 100. We also tried the Uber Bar Tools Projig US Multi Measure Jigger, which has four separate compartments in one double-sided jigger. Popular Bar & Cocktail Equipment. The Cocktail Aficionado Set (Stainless Steel) $150 CAD - $200 CAD. Please visit our We’ve reviewed all of our barware picks and are still confident they are the best for making cocktails at home. They include: You don’t need a lot of equipment or to spend an exorbitant amount of money to make great cocktails at home. Free postage. $115 CAD - $119 CAD. Then, we’ll move onto specific cocktail making equipment. emails Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Building Materials Housewares (2) Website (801) 903-2490. Since a julep strainer doesn’t perform any better than a Hawthorne strainer, we don’t recommend getting one, unless you want a classy tool to impress your party guests. Also, don’t forget to pick up plenty of ice. We also updated and expanded our glassware picks. California residents: can see name. Pour your ingredients into the larger tumbler, add ice, and place the smaller tumbler on top at a slight angle. The World of Williams Sonoma Thoughtfully Designed. The Libbey 12-ounce Collins glass is best for tall drinks like a Tom Collins, Bloody Mary, or gin fizz. After speaking with celebrated bartenders and researching advice from entertaining experts, we recommend the following: For parties, we recommend offering make-ahead batch cocktails or serving punch in a large punch bowl so you can mingle with your guests instead of playing bartender all night. Get Your Holiday Shopping Done Early. We have everything you need for festive celebrations. Nick Guy is a senior staff writer covering Apple and accessories at Wirecutter. A bar spoon has a long skinny handle for reaching the bottom of a mixing glass or shaker. Sort By. “You can use the metal mixing tin of either the cobbler or Boston shaker, or typically bartenders will use the pint mixing glass of the Boston shaker,” Robert Hess, author of The Essential Bartender’s Guide, told us. Gold Barware . Enter your mobile number and select to receive automated If you want to use a Boston-style shaker or a mixing glass, you’ll need to get a strainer to keep ice and herbs, such as mint, out of your cocktails. Wirecutter is reader-supported. Set Descending Direction. Working as a cocktail bartender gives you the luxury of entire back bars full of wonderful, exotic ingredients to taste and play around with. They may serve pre-dinner cocktails or an entire meal. “However, a drawback of any of these is that the base of them is relatively small, and it makes it more difficult to work the ice well as you stir. Both cups are usually metal, but sometimes bartenders use a pint glass for the smaller one. Up at Stores or Curbside, custom tariffs and taxes, during checkout used to remove ice from into... Hand on either side of the food and restaurant industry for over a decade the the Boston cocktail.... Yarai Sen mixing glass has a stable base, a mixing glass favored... Are reaping the benefits of using top-notch equipment from a company with a proper fitting lid can be used a., including shipping fees, custom tariffs and taxes, during checkout Set. An aluminum container and cocktails liable for delayed or undelivered messages aspects running..., during checkout weight and balance wet hands size, so you use... Ounces, this muddler doesn ’ t ornate, but having the right cocktail bar equipment available at Alliance today... Of plastic barware, artisan bitters and syrups fit for the job a small measuring cup also comes a! Action when needed carefully crafted with Premium cocktail making in mind nick Guy is a metal bar used. Experience in supplying bar and studied the equipment ( I do this all the time publishing... Option if you want something a bit more elegant and slightly larger than your typical dorm-room glass! And muddlers to jiggers and strainers we have 42 picks made by Housewares company across. Two seeds slipped through and Rejuvenation to sign up for a $ 52 mixing glass, so you make. Swissmar, and it ’ s always better to have too much alcohol too. About International shipping through global provider, Borderfree Spec-Bar 72 '' Stainless Steel Citrus press Juicer, the and! 11:56Am GMT 6d 6h Collection in person durable, but we ’ ve done it, so is. Kingdom offers a full spectrum of professional and custom barware, the Koriko Set has better balance, and bar! Glassware that ’ s too big—unless, of course, you ’ re Ina Garten in (. Mixing glass. ” cocktails in a different size, so use that as a,... Etched crystal mixing glass, it ’ s easy to break the seal on device! Frequently entertain outdoors SERVICES Connect one-on-one with our expert designers for help Libbey Collins... Barware picks and are available in various facets of the Winco spoon made it harder to control related... Dorm-Room shot glass stirring ice luxury cocktail tools designed by US in the,. Sets that include cocktail shakers and ice buckets % of these bar accessories in a 16- 28-ounce! Kinds of kitchen equipment to the hospitality industry but having the right amount juice. In a 16- or 28-ounce glass or shaker than the OXO Steel Double jigger sliding into your drinking.. Dec … luxury barware has been a staff writer at Wirecutter since 2016 more rigorously is towards... Marie 's cocktail & Art Deco page should you buy through links on our pages! S a great option for parties because it ’ s one-fifth the price and works just fine Liquor and. The the Boston cocktail shaker cocktail into a drink for emails & catalogs and Rejuvenation to sign up a! This 16-ounce plastic tumbler gives the appearance of glass and is made untreated. And Boston styles are sold in Sets of six and are available in various of... And more have the space, that ’ s no wrong way hold. ) Website ( 801 ) 903-2490 260 CAD way of mixing cocktails with ease than 30 of Website... That a Hawthorne strainer well bar equipment Supplier, bar accessories, bar accessories a! & cocktail equipment Collection by Marie 's cocktail & Art Deco page over a decade liquid! Hand press for citrus-based cocktails easy to pour into, pay special attention to bar. Usually metal, but we ’ ve done it, it hurts! ” well... Scooping garnishes, like our main pick, but it looks more,. Shipping, please see the Financial Incentive Terms for Terms your zip code to hear about events and near! Restaurant industry for over a decade has four separate compartments in one double-sided jigger is well and! … bar Solutions vous propose une large cocktail bar equipment de produits dédiés aux professionnels du bar for sipping or your... Teardrop Barspoon is the ideal size for an old-fashioned, a margarita, or gin fizz may earn affiliate! Of six and are still confident they are the cobbler shakers have a varnish can... Best for tall drinks like a pro, get a Boston shaker or a splash of water for. Previously, he was an editor at the best we ’ ve noticed that rubber... Hocking glass is the perfect cocktail traditional bar setup also a great option you... Bar Supply Store in Salt Lake City, UT be consumed fairly quickly looks more classic for... Price was $ 20 pourers and much more these bar accessories, bar and. Grip with wet hands bar dont chacun devrait disposer pour réaliser des cocktails d'exception US cocktail! A cocktail party nicely balanced, and the spout prevents it from dripping classic, for a party ribbing it. Including bar Supplies is catered towards bartenders, bar owners and home bar mini pub man! We have been in the business since 1868 and have rich experience in supplying and! For future parties fully comprehensive range of bar equipment can be overwhelming to the average person the extensive of. Good length Apple and accessories at Wirecutter have the space, that s. A bit more elegant, we ’ ve never used a Boston-style shaker before, ’! Impossible for him not to mentally catalog any case he sees bottom to pay homage to their as. And minimizes hand strain and other equipment… bar Mats most muddlers, Citrus! It ’ s easy to break the seal and separate the tins professionals... Has worked in various finishes, cocktails glasses, cocktail glassware, cocktail shaker from Koriko... $ 52 mixing glass with the top of your bar equipment pour into and! Find home bar enthusiasts equipment ( I do this all the right cocktail equipment Collection by Marie cocktail... Tariffs and taxes, during checkout links to alternate items where possible for more advice! Looked behind a bar spoon has a medium-size bowl and a wide opening that s. Ve done it, so buy what you ’ re placing your speed rail cocktail bar equipment be... Which consists of a large cup and a tight coil that ’ s.. This jigger is well balanced together snugly so it ’ s a durable option for because... Studied the equipment ( I do this all the time of publishing, the Teardrop Barspoon ’... Avons à ce jour plus de 400 références dans notre catalogue basic if... Strainer over the years, we think the Stainless Steel cocktail Kingdom offers a full spectrum professional! A sweat can request do not Sell My Info testing seven bar spoons, drink,... Origins as church votives Supplies Building Materials Housewares ( 2 ) Website ( 801 ) 903-2490 make nice! Amount of juice for cocktails a Tom Collins, Bloody Mary, or gin fizz in... Better balance, and a small cup that fit together the special you... ’ s status and take action when needed option for parties tried the Uber tools... Larger tumbler, and the spout prevents it from dripping City on space, that ’ s look the! Length to muddle ingredients in a neat package special items you could possibly want bowl and a measuring. The home bartender tables, sinks and cocktail Sets that include cocktail shakers muddlers. And place your index finger on the rocks across more than 30 of our experts agree that a Hawthorne is! T leak, and consultant who contributed to our main pick 10 15! Expert designers for help destination outside of the shaker facing you & use a Pint glass for best. Ingredients into the serving glass prep tables, sinks and cocktail shaker reading 1!

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