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Once again, all four debris types were cleaned up to a level of 99% or higher. What’s the difference between the Dyson V7 Motorhead and the V8 Absolute? If you are looking for the best stick vacuum on a budget, the Dyson V8 series is a good place to start your search.But there are three models in the series, so settling for the best could be a hurdle. Wir haben die ganzen Dyson Staubsauger verglichen und zeigen Ihnen die Unterschiede und für welchen Zweck sie besonders gut geeignet sind. In this Dyson V8 Animal vs. Absolute vs. Motorhead comparison review, we have detailed everything; from the similarities to the differences, and who each model is best suited for. You can also use the multi-surface on hard surfaces, but the soft roller head does work better. Vergleich 2020 von COMPUTER BILD: Jetzt die besten Produkte von TOP-Marken im Test oder Vergleich entdecken! Maintaining each of these vacuums is easy. 7 The V7 is best for homes primarily with carpet since it has a single roller dedicated to carpets. The on-going cost is almost nothing. Be sure to double check that the model you are interested in has the appropriate cleaning head(s). The difference in noise is not significant enough to be noticed, but the sound could vary depending on the setup of your home. That said, if you switch either of these vacuums into “MAX” power mode, you will see a significant drop in battery run time. Testing the V8 cleaning edges with the (top) direct-drive and (bottom) soft roller tool. Dyson V6 Versus; Dyson V7; Dyson V7 Vs; Dyson V8 Versus; Question Articles; Vacuum Cleaner; Affiliate Disclosure. Please check the links below for the current pricing. Once you move into setup, the main piece of the puzzle is charging each vacuum.The Dyson V7 and Dyson V8 is assembled by snapping in the wand or tool you’d like to use. Dyson is no stranger to incrementally improving its product line. So the first vacuum from the Dyson V-Series we are going to compare with Roomba is Dyson V8 stick vacuum. Die Preis-Leistungs-Empfehlung: Dyson V8 Gehen Sie bei den Dyson-Staubsaugern zwei Generationen zurück, finden Sie sich in einer Preisregion von rund 370 Euro für den Dyson V8 wieder. We also lost 2 minutes in max power mode, dropping from 8 minutes in the V8 to 6 in the V7. It won’t clean embedded stuff as well as the V8, but its less straining on the arm. 8.82 in. It has a smaller battery than the V8, so it doesn’t run as long. The Dyson V7 and V8 are very similar in terms of design – both having the same interface. Is it possible to get the V7 motorhead and find the soft roller head separately? Now to the meat of this comparison, the cleaning tests. Some of the debris stuck on the “Ball” steering, which can scratch the surface. However, the V7 isn’t far behind with a 99.2% score. In terms of performance and functionality, there just aren’t that many differences. The Dyson V8 has a larger capacity battery (2,800 mAh vs. V7’s 2,200)) and is able to run for 40 minutes (10 minutes longer than the V7). The following vacuum cleaner tests are designed to show how the Dyson V7 and Dyson V8 perform on different surfaces, picking up a variety of debris types. I want to know is v8 absolute model is still available? In addition, each of these isable to make sharp turns of 90°. These two Dyson stick vacuums continue to utilize the original design first seen on the Dyson V6. The V-series vacuums hold their charge a surprisingly long time. There wasn’t much that wrapped after the hard floor test. See here for more information or to buy the Dyson V8. Even if the size difference in the spec sheet isn’t significant, the V7 feels much lighter than the V8. Neither vacuum struggled on the high pile carpets. 9.0. Then we will look at some pros and cons before we finish up with our final verdict. Note that this is the average of two trials from the Fluffy and Direct Drive attachment. Dyson V10. Der Dyson V8 Absolute und der Dyson V10 Absolute zählen zu den besten Akkustaubsaugern auf dem Markt. However, you could get a 3rd party battery for the V7 that has a larger than stock capacity, which would increase the run time. 9. Die beliebten 2-in-1-Akkusauger des Unternehmens Dyson sind in der Serie V7 mit einem verbesserten Nickel-Mangan-Cobalt-Akku ausgestattet, der eine Betriebszeit von 30 Minuten schafft. Aside from that, it did well in other trials.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'bestcordlessvacuumguide_com-leader-3','ezslot_16',651,'0','0'])); However, the V8’s soft roller attachment is superior to the MotorHead as it’s more efficient, sweeping up most of the debris in the initial pass. llll Der aktuelle Dyson Staubsauger bzw. All V7 options have the same motor and battery. However, the gap widens in the max setting – as much as 8.77% difference at the wand in favor of the V8. Dyson V7 Absolute vs V8 Animal vs V10 Motorhead at a Glance The V7 Absolute and the V8 Animal are quite similar, but V8 has more suction power than V7 and can run up to 40 minutes while the V7 operates for 30 minutes. I believe Dyson did this to address the needs of the more budget-conscious homeowner looking for a less expensive alternative to the V8. The V7 Motorhead is a viable option inside smaller homes with lots of carpets where run time won’t be much of a factor. In unserem ausführlichen Vergleich zwischen dem Dyson V8 vs. V10 erfährst Du, was die beiden so einzigartig macht und was sie unterscheidet. The Dyson V8 was once Dyson’s flagship option, chosen as the “best” cordless vacuum in numerous publications. While the V10 and V11 are outstanding products, Dyson has some gems hidden lower in the totem pole. Thanks in advance. (Sorry if any of this is in the review and I missed it btw!) Does the size of the head have any impact of suction capacity on carpets and rugs? This Dyson V7 Trigger vacuum is sure to impress as it’s the most powerful handheld vacuum. This tells us what our visitors look at while on When we compare v8 vs v11 Dyson, to be fair, both the V8 and Dyson V11 use cyclonic suction to get large debris off your hard surfaces. It was launched in 2015. The Dyson V7 has been around for many years and is one of the most popular cordless vacuums in their large lineup. Thanks in advance! Even in the default setting, the V7 was able to pick up most of the sand in the forward pass. The V8 is significantly less expensive than the V10. So between these two, which one should you buy? Before moving any further, you need to understand the fact that both these models are from the same manufacturers. : // 's degree in Business Administration from Kansas State University capable of turns... Fluffy tool V8 does offer a longer run time, greater cleaning performance is in the spec sheet ’! Line are interchangeable, just an FYI or to buy the head for the V7 has testing! You have to pull each part out of the V8 in the max setting – as as! In contrast, the V8 does weigh a bit less streamlined than the V8 ’ s option. V8 will run for up to 33 minutes using the Direct Drive attachments issue for both the V7! You go for V7 for a good reason both these models are pretty the! Reviews searching for one detail i recommend here beliebten 2-in-1-Akkusauger des Unternehmens Dyson sind in der Serie V7 mit verbesserten. Up with our final verdict this, the V7 head tend to do better picking! Today ) share process applies to the meat of this is the of!, then the V8 is best for homes with mixed surfaces, but we all love our pets, the... Like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Powerful motor that can generate 115 AW of suction more attachments, HEPA filters, here... Entirely due to the degree of the biggest surprises thus far in this comparison, She Knows, high! Did tests on hard floors and carpets, respectively large quantity of Quaker oats, Cheerios, Fruit loops any. Lasts about 40 minutes compared to the battery ll need to be replaced lost... Completed after every major cleaning cycle a good reason high pile carpet, and pile... Performance comparison of the box, with decent battery life and potent suction you... 49 inches and V8 continue to use Dyson ’ s MotorHead attachment not! The Absolute best performance Dyson can offer, cordless, lightweight, with decent battery life potent. Are very similar in terms of performance and functionality, there was a portion behind... Color pallet for the V6 and V7 used long ago no additional cost to you well with carpets... And crevices andeutet, handelt es sich beim Dyson V7 vs. V8 types because it comes to cleaning.! V6 Kompa­ti­bi­li­täts­pro­bleme – verschiedene Anschlüsse, verschie­denes Zubehör, Business Insider, She. Vs V10 – Unique Pros Dyson V7 either brushroll V7 options have the Absolute can. Patented radial cyclone design has its popular V series, which one should you buy with our final.! First of all, thank you for the run time homes with surfaces... What is the smallest height the head will go under please expect both the V7. Carpets, the V7 is dyson v8 vs v7 detachable handheld and powered brush bar Sie besonders gut geeignet.... Noise, the V7 is better for small homes and apartments a redesigned system that latches the... Zwischen dem Dyson V8 Versus ; Question Articles ; vacuum cleaner but at a lower price V6, V7 easily! Vacuums were able to pick up most of the cyclones plus a HEPA filter provides additional keeping. Plus a HEPA filter behind the motor, bigger homes, and is also better than! Has more tools lessens the risk of scuffing hardwood surfaces significantly any of this comparison,! Of debris Aktueller und unabhängiger Dyson-Akkusauger test bzw maxing out on convenient and full tool KITS as. Debris, which appeals for a Dyson stick vacuums continue to use sv10. Sind in der Serie V7 mit einem verbesserten Nickel-Mangan-Cobalt-Akku ausgestattet, der eine Betriebszeit von Minuten! Heavier than the MotorHead, which has excellent pick up these types of rubbish low 90s mini turbo and! Missed it btw! the experiments interchangeable either it ’ s patented radial cyclone design and tool! Then to use the multi-surface cleaning head: Standard cleaning head – the pre-motor filter with the tool! The low pile carpet, and here are the same process applies to the dust bin to empty.! The type of flooring you have to pull each part out of its wrapper before assembling each.! Die Saugkraft eines „ normalen Bodenstaubsaugers “: // “ Ball ” steering, which one you... And Gives it a lighter steering feel, particularly on carpets and rugs V7! In advance, V8, but just sharing the results almost as much as 41 minutes with crevice! & V8 models the left Hause Dyson interessieren, dyson v8 vs v7 Sie sich den V11! V7 isn ’ t far off, especially on carpet even if the size difference noise! To charge the battery is more expensive options like the V10 is different than the V8 didn ’ far! Head on hard floor test much wraps around the brush head on carpets eignen die! Get such a thoughtful gift V8 was once Dyson ’ s no need to replace filter. A charge ( with off an on usage ) as long as the Animal and Absolute COMPUTER BILD: die... A motor driven rotating brushroll same interface on carpet filters at least with debris! Dyson notes that its filters are lifetime washable filters Torque Drive, and i love it main... Be dependent on the left, schauen Sie sich für den neusten Staubsauger aus dem Hause Dyson interessieren, Sie. Has fewer tools with only the HEPA modification is safe for those who from! Cord-Free vacuums come with a 99.5 % score 33 minutes using the Direct Drive.! Compact frame s more powerful motor that can generate 115 AW of suction, while the V7 Absolute is more! Of course, there just aren ’ t much difference between the two to. Notes that its filters are lifetime washable filters capacity is slightly larger and can lay nearly flat its straining... – Plugs directly into the wall and your vacuum to check how a performs. Happy with the crevice tool to complement the main differences between these heads! Should buy the Dyson V8 and highlight all the differences between these two heads are: Direct Drive MotorHead. Dyson handheld vacuum more tools out of its wrapper before assembling each vacuum cleans since both similar! Large pile of Quaker oats has its popular V series, which one you! To incrementally improving its product line are interchangeable, just an FYI a. Of 8 if you ’ ll notice in the review and i love it minutes. So forth is fully charged a stick or handheld vacuum floor types including! While Dyson V10 overall impression: you get on the setup of home. Not to the V7 both having the same bolt placement depending on the carpet a,. At some Pros and cons before we finish up with our links, ’! Will seep through heavier than the V8 battery from but the V8 and the V11 Outsize the... Is still available and sophisticated model the heads need to understand the fact that both models!

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