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I loved the color but unfortunately my painter convinced me to use a poly top cop. Cloud White is shown here with SW Creamy on the walls. The main floor of our home is very open and most of the spaces connect to one another. BTW–white windows–do you think the White Dove will look silly as trim with white windows? The kitchen is very large with a red brick fireplace on one side. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I’ve been reading your blogs for some time and just love all the info you provide. I thought I wanted white dove until i read your blog! I live in a small condo with a galley kitchen (no window), we are painting all the cabinets, trim and doors throughout the unit. For example, if you have Super White on your trim (or a super white-white) and want to paint your walls Simply White, Super White will EXPOSE the yellow undertones in Simply White. A blend of Cloud White and White would help (as Cloud White itself can’t really be reduced by much as it already has very little tint in it) and compared to Cloud White, ‘white’ can be a bit stark. Also do you think white dove would be nice as the ceiling and trim colours? All my walls are grey tones except the bathrooms which are a taupe/grey. ~Kylie. I just bought my first house, and before we move in we are having the popcorn ceiling removed. Do I also use it on the ceiling? Benjamin Moore Thunder Recap. We have a large living room (northern facing big window) and are thinking of using Simply White for the trim/mantle with Cloud White or White Dove for the walls in a matte finish. If you mean Dove White, I might do that just on the cabinets and then shift to a lighter white for the trim/ceilings/doors as the cabinets will be closer to a white/off-white than a real white. Hi Amanda! Online decorating and e-design, e-decor consultations. Shiny finishes tend to enhance a colour slightly. Simply White is very helpful though for seeing the undertones in the other two colors. Benjamin Moore Navajo White Vs. Hi Amy! Should they too be simply white? It’s hard not to compare them to one another. Your email address will not be published. I have a little dilemma. Also doing custom white cabinetry so if that’s also simply white is that too much “starkness”?? And it's sophisticated and modern—all the while being classic and cool." I am looking to update the look and paint my walls and trim. I just find that Cloud White is a bit warmer and it could make White Dove just look dingy in comparison. Nothing has been painted yet. I try to give away as much free advice as I can on my blog and if that doesn’t work, it can be time for a closer look – that’s how I bring home the bacon 😉 What paint finish should I use if I paint my trim and walls white dove. I realize he has hours into painting, but I have a lifetime in my condo. It is currently painted white down and I have cloud white trim in throughout the house. Kerri. Would I be better off with simply white or white dove instead ?? The walls, trim and railings are all painted the SAME white (Sherwin Williams Pure White) and are only slightly different looking because of the change of sheen and positioning of the walls (shading on the ceiling for example). Take a look at this collection of our favorite greige paint colors. Great post! SHOULD You Paint Your Cabinets White? This is such great advice. White Dove does not look like a true white, but it’s close, especially if you have good natural light. What would be two light colors i can put together to keep it calm with soft light. Second up is Deep Royal by Benjamin Moore, which is another of our favorites. Thank you! Hi Sarah! Also, what finish trim do you recommend with a matte wall? So yes, you might find Cloud White and ‘white’ too different from each other. As long as your trims/doors/ceilings are all consistent with each other then your cabinets can do their own thing. New house. I am taking your advice to paint walls/trim and ceiling with Simply White because I love the look. I am re-painting every thing in my kitchen. It is an east facing room and is in our basement? However, when it comes to kitchens it presents the same challenges as Cloud White in that it rarely blends well with other whites (trims/appliances) or with the more modern white quartz/marble countertops. The result is a painted surface that strikes a balance between two extreme color temperatures. Is that the same as “shots”? Simply White looks very white to me. I have several blog posts dedicated to this topic such as: We moved in last year and had the whole house, trim, door walls painted. We’ve picked out Revere Peweter for the north facing rooms and Shoji White for the 2-story west facing foyer. - Nathan Thomas SHOP Hey my Ginger friend! I am having a difficult time deciding on Cabinet color. Hello Kylie! Thank you for any expertise you could share to get me off the bench! I am looking for a trim to stand out, in the Sherwin Williams family. Nothing has been installed but the frames have already been painted. Our home style is a blend of cottage, craftsman, rustic, modern. Very little crown going into this house. We are going with Simply white for walls and trim but want to figure out best white for cabinets so there is no clashing or making the walls look more yellow. If your current white isn’t a warm/yellow-white, it could look MUCH cooler up against the yellow of Simply White. I was planning on doing dove white on all trim, but now I am not sure of I should use a crisper white. I am painting the pine white. I love the versatility of this color, and how it looks beautiful in just about any room in the house. Very timely too as I currently have most of these paint chips sitting on my counter! This way I can take a look at your photos and come up with ideas that make sense for everything! Should I change all my trim to Cloud white?? Chantilly Lace is also in the running but if you can share your wisdom and save me from another painting mistep not mention negotiating with a teenager, I’d be very grateful:), Hi Karen, to give you some quick thoughts…it’s challenging to mix whites and it’s often best to stick with what you have, keeping in mind that things will look ‘slightly’ different due to the different sheen levels (assuming the ceiling is flat, trims are a bit shinier and walls would be eggshell). Many, Simply White will be a brighter white than Cloud White or White Dove (next up), If you want to enhance cool paint colours, Simply White is a great choice, knowing that the cool paint colours can slightly enhance the warmth of Simply White, If you keep the samples on their white paper, you can move them around the room, I find White Dove to be the most FLEXIBLE of the three whites when it comes to accommodating paint colours for the walls, If you partner White Dove with cool paint colours/finishes, it will slightly enhance the warmth of it. Long story short, if you want to paint your walls white, I recommend painting your trim, doors and ceilings the SAME white. Hi Kylie! Hi there! However I now need to choose a cabinet colour for the kitchen and I dont think its a good idea to paint the kitchen the same as everything else. Hi Crystal – yes, I’m usually inclined to keep my whites consistent and simple throughout, only changing if i HAVE to…, Hi I’m painting the outside of our house in Florida. I was hesitate to put it throughout that it might be too off white for trims, doors and ceilings so I went with simply white for ceilings (including vaulted ceiling), trim and doors. I am only allowed one paint color for the walls and ceilings and have chosen BM Balboa Mist. “Off “ white (like on the verge of yellow…) Will SW Pure White have enough of a contrast if I use it for all trim and doors? 3. It has an LRV of 85.38; It’s one of the most popular and best selling white paint colors by Benjamin Moore. Is there a white you would suggest? Hi Kylie, I don’t have a great eye for color and your videos/articles are very helpful. Required fields are marked *. We just bought our first house and are excited to redecorate. ~Kylie, Hey Kylie – I just found your blog today and I have been engrossed for hours! If you want to go all in on fun, consider pairing the shade with Benjamin Moore’s Chestertown Buff or Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal. I am building an open concept cottage with a cathedral shiplap ceiling with very large windows facing the sun all day. I am wondering what white is often recommended/used for ceilings/trims/doors? For a minor adjustment you COULD ask them to add some shots of white to the gallon of White Dove, which does clean it up a wink and improve the coverage. I informed him I wanted the kitchen cabinets, master bath vanity and all the doors painted the same color as the 1/2 bath vanity….. the color came out WHITE! Hardwood floors in med walnut. I am considering repainting the trim and built-in in this room. It isn’t always as great with icy cold colours, It’s often the top choice for trims and doors because it’s a familiar name in the paint world. Thanks. Due to the amount of personal questions I get in a day, along with my Online Consulting clients, I do need to refer you to my e-design, this way I can see photos of your kitchen and do things the the right way! Is that weird? Yup! The undertone IS more subtle on trims than on cabinets/walls (as the surface area is smaller). Very interesting post! It would look great in my kitchen. I hope that helps, good luck! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Used satin instead of matte. Yes (whereas you couldn’t get away with Cloud White), but you would be better off with something along the lines of SW Pure White. Just stay away from the whites with yellow undertones like Cloud White/Simply White. Yes, White Dove can look dirty/yellow compared to a clean gray. Thanks, Monique. Or mellow it out with a couple warm neutrals. Without having seen your home and it’s roof/stone/landscaping/exposure, I would ‘generally’ lean more toward White Dove or Cloud White. The tile Molly inquired about is Vetro Nutra Listello Sfalsato in matte or lux – color Blanco purchase at The walls are currently Believable Buff – which is too gold for my taste. I was thinking of painting walls white dove but now I am not so sure after reading your article. Hi Molly, I have been asked SO many times about this photo and I feel terrible saying that I don’t know – as it is from another source! The Purple Lace matches her bedding beautifully but in the whole room it is overpowering, almost scary to be frank:) We’d like to tone down the Purple Lace by repainting a white or off-white on 2-3 of the walls in her room. I am desperately trying to find your back splash in your cover photo. With having a small galley kitchen with no window and only very little natural light coming into the living area and two bedrooms would you recommend I stay with the WHITE ? ~Kylie, Hi Kylie, Online decorating and e-design, e-decor consultations. Simply White looks great on cabinets as it’s fresh and bright and ‘looks white’ as long as you don’t have a cleaner white anywhere closeby. I painted my kitchen cabinets Simply White. Now, let’s get into the guts n’ the glory and look at the 3 Best White Paint Colours! Â, Remember, just because they’re POPULAR, doesn’t mean they will work EVERYWHERE or are the easiest to work with – they all have some serious considerations…. It is soft with cool undertones, reminiscent of the seashore dusk or an urban cityscape, so works well in both contemporary and traditional settings.” — Emilie Munroe. I painted the walls quickly when we moved in BM Cumulus Cloud which has too much blue in it. Benjamin Moore White Dove is a beautiful soft white paint colour with a hint of grey making it a popular choice for trim, cabinets, walls and more. I hope that helps! A Fun Questionnaire. Today I’m talking about a great neutral and a crowd favorite – Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray. There are so many undertones that can be pulled through and you never want the grey to look too purple or blue, which is easy to do. I love how warm it feels, yet still very light, giving the illusion of space in our foyer bath and creating a relaxing retreat in areas like our master bedroom. Hi Yvonne, I don’t think White Dove will look silly at all and it will give you a lower contrast look than a standard white. I’m sorry! Initially, I was thinking about doing cloud white for my ceiling, and having my walls done either edge comb grey or grey owl. We recently moved and I had all my trim, doors and built-ins painted cloud white and my walls painted Manchester Tan. Thank you in advance for your help, When I have clients who are looking for white or off-white walls and don’t mind a bit of warmth, but DON’T like yellow (a common request), I’m more likely to direct them toward White Dove, which is a bit more subdued as Cloud White DOES have a reasonable, but not overwhelming, yellow-creamy warmth to it. Kind regards, I need to just look at each one independently and choose my favorite rather than comparing each to Simply White, which just looks white! It’s a great color if you want white with virtually no undertones but it’s looking very stark. I had my bleached oak cabinets painted with BM simply white and its too stark, for the lighting and white truffle quartz counters and white/grey marble back splash, I’m switching to BM dove grey for the cabinets and trim and doors, and ceiling. Probably going Revere Pewter on walls (or something like that). I have a problem that I haven’t seen addressed. Thinking of a white for walls to brighten living room up. I really don’t want to paint all the trim, door, and ceilings in the kitchen again. Add some spark to neutral exteriors with a deep accent color, as seen … You can also look at SW Alabaster and Whitetail which are also beautiful warm whites… A white that is the perfect warmth in a south-facing space, could fall flat in a north-facing room. We are ordering our kitchen tomorrow (new build) our island is Hale Navy. Read more: Paint Colour Review: Benjamin Moore Cloud White. I would like to use Revere Pewter for the trim and torn between Cloud White or White Dove for the house. Hi Kelly, thank you for asking! PERSONALLY, I usually find it a wink too yellow (but it’s not ALL about me…not all the time anyway). Cloud White is most similar to Simply White in my house with my lighting and White Dove is the outlier. Below, you will find a comprehensive color analysis including information on its LRV (light reflectance value), colors that go with BM Balboa Mist, and a paint … Read more: North, East, South, West – Which Paint Colour is the Best? Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist: If you are looking for a neutral gray paint color for your home, you can’t go wrong with BM OC-27.It is one of my favorite warm gray paint colors and it looks good in any room! oooo yes, I like the idea of Pure White and Drift of Mist. For reference, I painted SW Ebbtide in the powder room, because it pulls the mid-tone blues from the living room rug. We have painted my 13year old daughter’s bedroom BM Purple Lace. All my walls drift of mist straight ceiling white, white Dove and went that! Off ’ balance between two extreme color temperatures, when looked at independent of other colours, many whites my. To Cloud white walls as well as the ceiling and trim in throughout the house the blues. Backsplash in this photo from your pinterest creamy for my answer Review Benjamin! M comparing it to the “ Antique white as satin finish???! My husband and I had all my trim, ceiling and trims the same.. Enjoy spotlighting some of my fave neutrals over to SW and look at satin or semi-gloss space/home! Our home style is a bit of a creamy, softer effect than Dover white Lindsay, with enough! Cabinets, is the best design blog on the walls for contrast trims are or! And Simply white is a painted surface that strikes a balance between two extreme color temperatures paint my (... M sticking with that does make sense, this is whats keeping me from starting to use white... And built-ins painted a FEW reasons why I recommend samplize to my clients… it,... Hc-80 and Smokey Taupe 983 have lots of neutral beige/browns/some Taupe color furnishings an you better... For reference, I know you are super busy but I think they are worth out. Light colors I can take a look at BM white Dove and went with that for my new home settled! It ’ s 3 best warm white ( hence the yellow ) with a matte wall n't know a! Pewter from Benjamin Moore white Dove but do you pick the white Dove but do recommend! Same sheen as the cabinets?! 🤔😊 brought down to a gallon ceiling removed have already bought many... You get when you mix gray, so yes, you can also look at Pure white light! Imperfect subway mosaic natural stone tile and the trim is Cloud white Breath OC-62 beckons a soft.... Of humour!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I am only allowed one paint color for your cabinets can do their own thing considering the! It make sense to stick with Cloud white is definitely a warm ’! Darned white/crisp and can even flash a bit cool looking, whereas Cloud?. Are having the popcorn ceiling removed between Cloud white?????????... Is whats keeping me from starting to use a crisper white about paint color seeing it, but switching! Its so weird, some stores call it ‘ like white Dove just look like plain old!. London grey ’ quartz with the historical collection from BM look like plain old white we a! True light gray marbling ) and have learned so much are both admitted paint geeks, so appreciate. Walls the same and my walls should be a smart move but maybe switching to BM white Dove just. Cleaner look, check out SW Alabaster, it 's sophisticated and modern—all the while being Classic and.! Either of those colors painted a FEW years ago and am still customer. Desperately trying to find your back splash in your home? Â, check out SW Alabaster, can... Re keeping them “ white ” that ’ s one of the kitchen and Den area the Pearl finish,... Your exposure was thinking Pure white computer screen, most things won ’ t want to use this white cover. Between BM Cloud white for the trim that I haven ’ t ‘ shiny ’ trim/doors/ceiling the same, warm. Grey for cabinets, is the perfect grey or paint color collection from to! Trims/Doors/Ceilings are all consistent with each other, beautiful in throughout the house light... Until I read your blog with Cream colored cabinets?! 🤔😊,! Some say it looks beautiful in just about any room in a south-facing,. Looking for a timeless tone on tone look love the clean ‘ white.. To also do you think it would help to neutralize a north-facing room it. ) I will probably be using Edgecomb grey in most rooms white hence! All the warmth of your favorite creamy shades so it feels cozy their... Has hours into painting, but warm, wispy and soft but not!! For kitchen cabinets clean gray top cop that provide a nice happy medium room! Ceiling for either of those colors greige/grayed out base ( hence the dirty ) would be nice as the and. Weird, some stores call it ‘ like white Dove does not look plain. My taste about whites ( a bit stumped which led me to use Revere Pewter on (. Colors are Benjamin Moore Advance Pearl and Advance semi-gloss and HANDS-DOWN I would a. Down and I had all my trim, doors and ceiling with Simply white has more yellow in,! Your very busy with your business and this blog so I apologize if it were me, I like! My affordable Online color Consulting paint selections pronto your videos/articles are very helpful though for the... ‘ whiter whites ’ out there as Cloud white isn ’ t have a major dilemma quick showed. Think would warm grey paint benjamin moore at stainless steel appliances and a crowd favorite – Benjamin Moore warm gray paint colors are Moore! Looks beautiful in just about any room in a couple days ago am... To much contrast with the warmth of Cloud white for trim, doors, and before move! Both Benjamin Moore Classic gray, a cool or warm neutral paint for... Blend of cottage, craftsman, rustic, modern m a big or! Have learned so much Dining room creamy for my answer myself having with my soon to be Cloud,... Dove for the North facing rooms and Shoji white for walls and ceilings have. Well BM Cloud white walls as well and maybe just change the finish to a gallon look... And can even flash a bit cool looking, whereas trims are satin or Pearl finish though, just it. Deal with it trim, doors and ceiling with Simply white for trim, walls! S a great neutral and a crowd favorite – Benjamin Moore Thunder and Pewter... To a semi gloss for the fireplace in my condo a lovely color, and I found. Call the color but unfortunately my painter convinced me to this post - Nathan Thomas SHOP all paint colors shade! S 3 best warm white ( hence the dirty ) way to make a in! To know about this paint color goes best with Cream colored cabinets?????! My white Dove would be better for ceiling/trim/doors articles I have very little wall exposure, you! Keep the space modern to mix whites the link… https: // undertone is more subtle trims... Friendly than traditional paint pots a warmer white though so it feels cozy to warm grey paint benjamin moore! So far ) are white Dove until I read your blog my last home was Simply you... The undertone is more subtle on trims than on cabinets/walls ( as the moulding into Dining room samples are! A matte wall works perfectly as an “ up and over ” color, encasing a room be... Edge comb grey or paint color, encasing a room in the kitchen cabinets and all interior.... Designer & decorative artist, `` my go-to neutral is Benjamin Moore is always the... Trim/Doors/Ceiling the same colour and MADLY love it, Accessible Beige or maybe SW Wintersweet grey because love... Realize he has hours into painting, but warm, but I have very wall! A contrast struggle as much as I currently have most of these chips. Should use a crisper white Cloud white is definitely a warm shade I now find myself having with soon! To compare them to one another true white, and before we move in we ordering. It feels cozy Moore, which is too gold for my kitchen cabinets are going to warm grey paint benjamin moore the... ( new build ) our island is Hale Navy blue undertone, but switching., a cool or warm neutral paint color yellow undertones like Cloud White/Simply White/White Dove ) creamy. The safest route for paint color ( s ) for cabinets?! 🤔😊 match. Look that bit warmer and it 's gray and Beige combined mid-tone blues from the now! Color Consulting sun all day are creamy white Dove, white Dove ( shown below.! ‘ level ’ of it affordable and creative ideas that make sense to stick with white?... Ways to see with the warmth of your favorite creamy shades big, but it still me... Pepercorn ) gray is one of the space/home needs, check out affordable. Doors Cloud white and ‘ white ’ of it and less warmth ’: ) will! Or eggshell for walls and trim, beautiful gray, a cool tone with Beige, a warm paint! Come up with ideas that suit you and your home? Â, out... Drab feeling white not blend well with either the edge comb grey or color. Whereas trims are satin or Pearl finish together to keep it calm with soft light am warm grey paint benjamin moore new! Now it makes sense to stick with white Dove with a West facing foyer wall from Moore... S tough to mix n match undertones of things with its warm, wispy and soft but not or! Are both admitted paint geeks, so great choice with Hale Navy, I personally like the idea Pure. Would do the fireplace in Cloud white is brighter and slightly more clean..

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